Friday, 28 August 2009


the holidays have officially started, got away from work about 2ish and went and filled the car up with petrol, came home to find the road being resurfaced finally and i got some nice news from c before i left work, not allowed to talk about it just yet but i am a happy bunny, so that's it until my holidays, if you are passing through feed gus for me, he get's very hungry LOL

Thursday, 27 August 2009

they forced me LOL

been out for tea tonight with v and b, two of my dearest friends, think it ws to cheer me up after the fiasco recently and it certainly did the job, it is impossible to be sad when i am with those two as they would just take the piss if i was LOL we went along to the shiremoor house farm, there have a huge menu and there was so many things i like the look of, i finally decided on indian spiced chicken kebabs, when they came they were attached to two metal rods that were hanging over the plate, the pieces of chicken were huge and you got salad, fries and rice as well as dips, i had also ordered some garlic bread and there was four slices of that when it arrived, needless to say i didn't manage it all but v and b wanted a pudding so they forced me to have one too LOL i had strawberry and vanilla marscapone fool with white chocolate curls YUM,they were huge when they came too so will definitley be going back there again LOL

the postman had been with a parcel today but dad was in and he says the postman didn't knock which means he was probably hammering on the door for hours LOL we are going to pick it up on saturday on our way to nairn so at least i'll have a parcel to open LOL

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


simple as that, i hate the bloody lot of them, ok well not all of them but certainly next door and the next one up, i can't even walk down the street without someone having a go at me, it wouldn't bother me if it was their space i had parked in, then they have every right to say something but tbh it has fuck all to do with them, have been in tears over it today and feel physically sick at the thought of coming home from work every night, i so wish they would all just fuck off

Sunday, 23 August 2009

trying to remember my cbt

feeling really strange, really upset and sad, trying my best to remember everything my therapist told me, also annoyed that one man should reduce me to feeling like this, dreading going to bed tonight cos i know i won't sleep which will mean for a weepy me tomorrow, will have to have a word with l as soon as i get in


after chatting to a couple of the ladies on uks i decided to report last nights incident to the police, i did it online via their minor incident report form and thought that would be it, erm no! they rang me at 12:50ish and asked if i had seen him today which i had through the window, which resulted in much shaking and my heart racing, and i told the officer i was too frightened to go out tbh, so she arranged for a visit this afternoon.

the officer has just been and after speaking to me, went next door and spoke to "him", he apologised to the officer and said he hadn't meant to frighten or intimidate me, he was just full of hell over the parking situation, so that's it, in the meantime i await my apology with baited breath!

off to cut and dye my hair now in ready for the holidays and boy they cannot come soon enough LOL

oh what a night

after having such a fabulous time yesterday at the crop, doing some shopping, managing five lo's and have a lovely chat, i ordered myself some supper and opened a bottle of wine for a nice relaxing night, the next thing it's 10:15pm and there's someone hammering on the door, thinking it was dad and i had locked the door i opens it to be faced with the next door neighbour(henceforth to be known as the fucking bastard or fb)screaming in my face because he couldn't get his car parked outside his door because i was parking over the road (outside the house of someone who is away this weekend!!!!!! go figure) and someone had parked in his space so now he had to park in the water and i should be parking in the water like him, after i had got over the shock i tried to show him that it is not the water stopping me parking outside my house but the five inch deep pothole that is only outside my house, i also pointed out that since i pay my road tax i can actually park where the hell i like. i have never been yelled at like that by anyone before he then started on dad who had just got back from the club yelling how much of a disgrace i was and i should park outside my house, at the finish we just walked away from him and left him yelling and screaming!!!!! during this time he had his finger pointing and wagging right in my face and i had to hold my hands out in front of me to keep him away from me

i am a wreck this morning after churning about it all night and i am in two minds about calling the police and reporting him for assault. i have seen many a tantrum in my life but usually from a two year old but never from a 72 year old who throws his toys out of his pram because someone has parked where he parks!!!!!

jesus !!! the sooner this water malarkey gets sorted out the better and roll on eary sat morning so we can fuck off away from it all for a week

Friday, 21 August 2009

we have progress

on the water front, while i was at work today someone has been and.....................................painted two blue lines on the road LOL whoopdido LOL

all packed for the crop at scrapbook shop tomorrow, the wine is opened and the supper has been ordered, the weekend starts here LOL

Thursday, 20 August 2009

the water board have been

when i got up this morning a northumbria water van was in the street so i sent dad out to ask when this farce would be getting sorted, they took a few photo's said they had been pulled off another job to come and look at this and that was it, so when dad asked when they were coming to fix it they said they would get to it when they could, errr no like, so i feel another snotty email to northumbria water coming on,

was late home tonight as the last kid wasn't picked up until five past 6 so couldn't get parked where i have been parking, then it is going to be even worse tomorrow night as another car has turned up, looks like i might end up parking in the river tomorrow and over the weekend

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

what a farce

for years we have been naggin the council to come and resurface the road where i live as it is in a really dreadful state, so finally we get a letter saying they were coming to do it yesterday, we had to be out of the street by 8am and back at 6 so off i tootles to work 2 hours early, gets a phone call off dad to say the street was coming along fine BUT just outside our house the contractors had managed to fracture the water main WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i comes home to half the street finished, water pouring down the road, nowhere to park except in someone else's space, a huge hole outside my door and i had to wade across the water to get to the house GRRRRRRRRRRR so when will they come and sort it out, well the workmen have reported it to northumbria water, they have to fix the pipe before the contractors can come and finish the road, so fast forward to tonight (and goodness knows how many gallons of water wasted down the drain) and the water is still there, the hole is still there and i still can't get parked, so northumbria water have had a snotty email, so have the council and so has my local councillor and the mayor, and guess what they will be getting another one tomorrow and the next day and the next day until it get's sorted LOL

i wonder if look north would be interested LOL

Saturday, 15 August 2009

another fab crop

had a great time at the frozen north crop at dianne's craft inspirations shop in belmont today, a couple of the lovely ladies from the morpeth crop came so it was really lovely to catch up with them. i managed my usual 6 lo's LOL i had time to do another one but i was scrapped out by then LOL shirley took a piccie of me with 5 of the lo's i had done so i might have to scrap the photo as it's a really lovely one of me for a change, will see a few of them next week at scrapbook shop in durham then we are talking about going to the harrogate papercraft shows together which would be fantastic, shopping, chatting and stash with a bunch of great friends LOL

Thursday, 13 August 2009

bad blogger number 957 LOL

no time......................too book to ds game to play.................stuff to do...................things to see..........................places to go....................and i need a hair cut and dye before my holidays and i've got nothing organised and i've got two crops to pack stuff for and and and oh well you get the picture LOL

hopefully normal blogging shall be resumed soon LOL

Sunday, 9 August 2009

a busy weekend

went back to work on friday which was fine, the kids were fine and i was fine to be home at 5:15 LOL, had a bit of a lie in on saturday but wanted to do some scrapping so after breakfast i went upstairs and got a couple of lo's done, got distracted though by pretty beads and wire, i have had an idea floating around in my head of how i wanted my badge for the sarah's cards retreat to look like, now i know it's not until next march but hey ho so i set to having a bit of an experiment LOL the experiment went very well and i got it all finished, the letters and dragonfly were cut on my criccut out of shrink plastic which i then heated until it shrunk, they then had perfect pearls added to them then glossy accents, the rest is just bits of wire and beads twisted together randomly until i got it the way i wanted it :)

we've been out for lunch today, i had bison burger cos it's supposed to be low fat and healthy, what the menu didn't mention was it had the taste and texture of minced plasterboard LOL so to make up for my disappointing main course, i had eton mess for my pudding which was delicious

Thursday, 6 August 2009

feeling so much better

so much so that i'm going back to work tomorrow, have been out of bed all day and dressed and my appetite is back and i'm eating normally again, the weeing for england has stopped and even the pain in my chest has gone away now if only i could get the neck pains i've been getting at night to go away, i'm trying to break in some new pillows to see if that helps as the ones i had were making the neck pain worse, only trouble is it takes me ages to get pillows the way i like them, i'll be fine tomorrow though i only have the one day to get through then it's the weekend and i plan to scrap it away LOL

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

oink oink

it appears i have piggy flu. woke up yesterday with a raging sore throat, cough, sneezing, headache, earache and a temperature so i did that online symptom checker on the pandemic helpline and the next thing i knew i had been authorised tamiflu, took the first couple and they make me feel very very sick but when i got up this morning i only feel dreadful compared to deathly like i did yesterday, the worst bit is the sore throat and the pain everywhere, even my hair hurt yesterday

Sunday, 2 August 2009

fairy doors

i have joined a mystical fairy doors swap over on uks. not really knowing what i was letting myself in for i googled it and came up with some gorgeous little doors, the idea being that you prop them up against a tree or on a shelf and then a homeless fairy uses her/his magic to open the door and make her/his self a little home

being ever enthusiastic i immediately set to it and made my two fairy doors, I'm really pleased with them and thoroughly enjoyed getting inky, painty and glittery, i have them propped up on my mantel and have my fingers x'd for a housework loving fairy to move in LOL

please excuse the dreadful photo's too, but i have had a fair bit of wine tonight LOL

some of my latest lo's

finally got round to taking some photo's of the lo's i did at the scrapbook shop crop last saturday so thought i'd stick a few of them on here to brighten up the place LOL this one is my highland cow obsession rearing it's ugly head again LOL i had to climb over a gate to get close enough to this one, it was still behind another fence though so i was safe LOL i loved the way it appeared to be peering through it's fringe at me LOL

this one is of my new charlie bear, i wanted another one to go with william who i got last year but the shop i got him from is closed so when i spotted this one in the gift shop at eilean donnan castle i had to have her, so william has a new sister and she got her name from the castle LOL

this one is of the seals at the seal colony just outside of plockton, they were so well camoflaged that at first they were really difficult to see but once you spotted one it became easier, loads of cute babies too LOL

Saturday, 1 August 2009

soldiering on

had a really bad nights sleep last night, if i lay on my back my knee hurt, if i lay on my right side my shoulder hurt and if i lay on my left side my chest hurt, finally managed to drop off about 5:30am then was up at 9:30 to empty my craft bag, got everything put away then did the cj entry and sorted out the photo's i actually intend to scrap in the june holiday album, then did a couple of lo's to make a start, of course i was as stiff as a board when i got up and my chest was killing again, roll on next week when i can get an appointment to discuss where we go from here.

finally managed to get twilight finished and about to start on the next one, took me a while to read it but it was really good, don't think i fancy the film though, think it would ruin my image of edward LOL