Thursday, 8 October 2009

what a glorious day

it has been today, it's been warm and sunny with the brightest blue sky, so wish i'd had today off i would have gone somewhere nice and took my new camera to play, lets hop the weather stays like this for the weekend LOL

am desperately trying to break in two pairs of new shoes in time for my holidays, my old comfy ones have been worn constantly for the passed two winters and are starting to look a little worse for wear, but there is no way i am parting with them until they literally drop off my feet LOL this week i have been trying to wear the new ones for work figuring if i can wear them all day at work they will be fine for my hols, of course i have ended up with mega sore feet for the past 3 days :( had a small breakthrough today when i managed to get right to 3pm before i decided they were hurting, back to the red pair tomorrow LOL

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