Monday, 28 December 2009

that's the holidays over then :(

and one thing i have learnt from these ten days off is whenever i have a week off in the future we are going away, i have done absolutely nothing except sit on my bottom, read books, play on my computer and ds, done a wee bit of scrapping and watch crap on the telly.

now i know the rotten weather hasn't helped and there wasn't really any shops i could get too because of the crowds but it just shows that if i don't have a holiday i do nothing so next year i might work over xmas and ask for the first week in january off and dick off to edinburgh or perth and have a holiday

being good and not having a drinkie poos tonight as i'm on earlies in the morning so will need a reasonably early night in bed but am going to have one tomorrow night cos i don't have to be up as early on tuesday morning LOL

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