Friday, 18 December 2009

hurrah it's xmas

well the start of the holidays for me, finished today for the next 10 days and then when i go back it's only half shifts :) it's meant to be the crop over at dianne's tomorrow but the weather forecast is pretty dreadful so think i'll be staying indoors in the warm and finishing off my book, getting my scraplift lo done and staring the reorganization of my craft room that i have planned LOL

my new totes arrived today, mimi no longer do the lilac and chocolate so i have had to settle for the crimson and tan and dad has bought me the matching scrap tote for my birthday, also bought some hanging rails and accessories to go on the wall for when i do get the room reorganized LOL

looking forward to a yummy chicken kebab for supper and a nice glass or two of wine :)

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