Wednesday, 9 September 2009

day three in otters

and i am beginning to get my head around it all and settling in LOL the first two days all i did was ask questions and i must have done r and l's heads in LOL it was completely exhausting to but i am so enjoying it, i love the pre-school age group, they are so funny and i love being able to talk with them, we had the most interesting conversation about how old people were today, i told the children i was forty and j asked me when i would be "fivety" LOL we also have the cutest pet in pre-school a brand new hamster called poppy, it appears to have fallen to me to get her used to being handled so i've been sticking my hand in here cage every day so she can get used to my smell, we cleaned the cage out today so she went in a box and i managed to stroke her lots and she had a good old sniff of my hand and even a taste, she wasn't biting but putting her teeth around the end of my finger and tasting me, i did get a nibble though when i tried to pick her up, so she is coming home with me on friday and my job for the weekend is to tame the hamster LOL so i might be typing with plasters on my fingers on monday LOL

have the house to myself as dad has a hospital appt to have his hearing tested ready for new digital hearing aids, lets hope they work better than his other one does LOL

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