Saturday, 30 July 2011


after i had done the weekly challenge and had a play on the laptop i decided to set the afternoon aside to make friends with my new sewing machine, took a little while to get the tension right but i worked out i wasn't sewing fast enough. so after playing all afternoon i have decided i absolutely love it and it was well worth the money, i also got this quilt top finished so i'm a bit of a happy bunny, just need to buy the wadding now as i already have the backing and the binding material ready :-) itching to start something else now LOL

Sunday, 24 July 2011

a few of the latest......

.............layouts, they've been done over 6 weeks at least but i just never get round to photographing and uploading them LOL so here we go....

the first one was done for the blog sketch challenge over on the sarahs cards blog, don't know if i've left it too late to enter but i've done it anyway LOL
the next lo was done for this weeks challenge over on uks and is of me celebrating my 40th birthday with lunch at the witcherie in edinburgh this one is called audrey two after my favourite film, little shop of horrors cos i thought it was a "strange and interesting plant" that i found in the gardens at mellerstain. this is dad at jedburgh abbey when we went away on our avoid the royal wedding weekend, it was done for a challenge over on uks and the title could refer to dad as well as the abbey LOL. i took loads of photos of the blossoms on the trees that weekend and this is another of them, scraplifted from the dt leaflet of the sarahs cards june kit, think it was natalie's lo but i'm not sure so apologies if it belongs to someone else :-) here's another of the blossom photos, i had the title going round my head as i was making the lo, it's from kayleigh by marrilion and it seemed a pretty good title :-) it's made with the july sarahs cards kit. this next one is a complete and utter steal from the gorgeous lo natalie did of her engagement ring in the june sarahs cards dt leaflet, i loved it so much so i'm really hoping natalie doesn't mind my scraplift :-) done with the june kit it is of just one of the gorgeous details lying around glenacre :-)found this gorgeous little hidden corner when we visited mellerstain house during our weekend away, i thought it looked like a lovely place to spend an hour or so LOL this next one is going to be the title page of my glenacre album and is of the entrance to glenacre with the welcome sign and the log pile for the woodburner in the lounge :-)

this next one is of muddy, he belongs to sarah and tom who own glenacre, he's not allowed in the guest area but he is available for walks and we made great friends with him when we sat out in the sunshine one evening and spent ages playing ball with him and stroking him LOL

so here's another one of him, when he settled down for a snooze in the evening sunshine LOL did this one for a challenge over on uks too, one of the criteria was to doodle so i got my doodle templates out for the first time in ages LOL

this one was for the house challenge over on uks this month, you had to use blurry photos so these fitted the bill perfectly, they are of dad and i when we dressed up as reindeer for the fany dress competition when we stayed on a turkey and tinsel holiday at dunoon, we came second........out of two LOL by the way i didn't do the stitching round the edges of the cardstock, i bought it like that LOL
this one is of abbotsford house, the home of sir walter scott, we visited here in april, it would have been a lovely place to sit and enjoy the sunshine except for the vicious scottish midges so we headed off somewhere else instead LOL

this one is of me and dad sitting in the sun in the cloister garden of jedburgh abbey, the title comes from my t-shirt LOL and we were sitting in a corner LOL

another photo from jedburgh abbey, a lovely dandelion clock, the lo is done using the june gottacraft kit :-)this last one was taken in jedburgh on the day of the wedding, it was all over by the time we got there and the ladies of the town were out and about and all we heard them say was "ah but wasn't she lovely" so that became my title LOLwell, hope you enjoyed them all, i'll try not to leave it so long next time LOL

Saturday, 23 July 2011


for my create and craft club email to arrive so i can go and buy a new sewing machine :-) it's a singer quilting one and it looks fab, it does all kinds of embroidery stitches and comes with loads of different feet for quilting and it looks a nice little bargain with the 40 quid off i'll get off it for being a craft club member :-)

was supposed to be at the frozen north crop today but i didn't wake up until 12:30 this afternoon and only then cos i heard dad leaving to go to the bowling LOL guess i needed that long lie in then LOL

Friday, 22 July 2011

tfi friday

have never looked forward to a weekend so much in my entire life, and really looking forward to this glass of wine :-)

Friday, 15 July 2011

back to work

on monday, have to admit to feeling very worried about it, will i be okay, how the heck do i get all the paperwork done that i need to get done and mostly what will the reception from certain people be like, but i need to learn to be more assertive, not be a doormat and maybe get certain telephone numbers so i've got them if i ever need them in the future

Saturday, 9 July 2011

slowly slowly

starting to feel a little bit better :-) though i'm still coughing the breathing is a lot better thanks to the steroid tablets and the phlegm is no longer yellow (sorry tmi) but white so it looks like we might have the bronchitis under control but the pleurisy is still killing me :-( i've never known pain like it and the only comfortable position is sitting leaning forwards at a 45 degree angle so not great at night time when i'm in so much pain i could cry :-( back to the doctors on monday hopefully for stronger painkillers and a sick note.

Friday, 1 July 2011

back to square one

with the coughing and the wheezing :-(