Saturday, 27 October 2012

Another loss

Two pounds this week, taking me to 96lbs and just two pounds away from my seven stone mark!

Woke up to snow this morning which was a bit of a shocker but it didn't stop me being in asda for half seven LOL Really like the getting up early on a saturday cos i get to do lots on the saturday and am raring to go. Went and had my eyes tested today, they were fine but it took a while for the drops to wear off so i'm sitting in the local cafe where dad treat me to breakfast, with my sunglasses on pretending i'm not a diva LOL Once the eye drops wore off it was upstairs tomake some more xmas cards but it's too cold so i'm back in front of the fire trying to warm up LOL

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Crafting time

Went over to the creative crafts show at gateshead stadium this morning. I was only there an hour but i'd got exactly what i wanted so it wasn't worth staying. I havent done any form of papercrafting since june when my mojo went on a long holiday and didn't come back ....................until today :-) After lunch i decided to head upstairs and have a play with the flitterglue and mega flakes i had bought. What fun, especially when i sneezed over the pot LOL I think the flakes are still dancing around in the breeze up there LOL But it was exactly what i needed and i decided to make some xmas cards. Six are completely made and i have another 30 images stamped and flaked all ready to be made up.  It's been a long time since june but i hope this is the start of me getting back to my crafting fun!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

oh i do love the internet

tonight i've spent a happy hour or so looking at restaurants in edinburgh and booking us tables at my favourite ones all ready for our xmas break. let's just say the credit card will be getting a bir of a hammering LOL have fianlly chosen- elliots bar which is the restaurant of the hotel we are staying in, the next night it's the witchery where i had my 40th birthday lunch, the next night it's the north bridge brasserie of the scotsman hotel and the final night, well and truly pushing the boat out, it's off to the restaurant on the forth floor at harvey nicks :-) the diet will be well and truly going out of the window for those few days LOL

Sunday, 14 October 2012

back from another great holiday

the feathery alarm clock at brawliemuir cottages, half six every morning for at least 20 minutes, glad i had my ear plugs

our lovely cottage, stable cottage at brawliemuir farm near johnshaven in scotland

the grampian wheel at the funfair near the beach at aberdeen, it might have been october but it was a glorious day and the entire city of aberdeen had decamped to the beach to enjoy the sunshine, chips and icecream were the order of the day as well as crazy golf and the shooting gallery LOL

stonehaven harbour, we sat and watched the world go by and laughed at a little boy who went further and further into the water until he was completely soaked LOL five days after this photo stonehaven was underwater after flooding hit the area

we had a lot of fun at the grampian transport museum, dad on the penny farthing

the walled garden at crathes castle.

sunset over the farm

sunrise over the farm from my bedroom window

feeding laurel, nelly, togo and leif, the harbour seals at st andrews aquarium.

meerkat manor at st andrews aquarium

this log leads into the meerkats den and i waited ages for one of them to stick their head out for long enough for me to grab a photo

feeding the meerkats was amazing except for having to feed them LIVE wriggly meal worms LOL

is the food all gone????

overlooking the gardens at crathes castle in my favourite wooly pully LOL