Sunday, 27 March 2011

catching up

on the a-z photo challenge, i had fallen behind with it because the weather was so bad i had never had the chance to get out and photograph what i wanted so i decided that the week away would be for catching up on d, e and f :) not a lot for e i have to say so this one that covers all three letters will have to do LOL it's a dennis fire engine that we saw at the lakeland motor museum :)

i managed a few for d, including a duck LOL derwent water, daffodils and detail :)

then for f i managed a fish, flag and feathers and filigree which were on an old car coat displayed at the lakeland motor museum

quite happy now that i am caught up so now i need to get my thinking cap on for the next letter and pray that this lovely weather we have been having continues :)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

home again home again

and a fab time was had by all :) the lodge was gorgeous, the nicest one we have ever stayed in with everything you could possibly need, it was really comfortable and warm and the view from the lounge/dining room/balcony was superb, on a clear day we could see right over the solway firth to dumfries and galloway :) plus there was the added pleasure of the hot tub to relax in every night :D:D:D the village was very quiet but had a lovely pub just down the road from the lodge that did the most lovely food and in HUGE portions for really good value for money :) and to top it all apart from one rainy day on the sunday it was gorgeous for the rest of the week, we have been on lovely boat trips, done some lovely walks, visited some lovely villages and towns and met some really great friendly people, think next year we might just be heading back especially if we can order the same weather LOL

here's a few of the 278 photo's i took LOL will have to whittle that down quite a bit LOL

this one was taken on the lady of the lake steamer on ullswater on thursday, it was actually a really lovely day just very cold on the lake when the boat shot off at top speed LOL

this one is of ambleside from the boat on windermere

this is castlerigg stone circle, it was a lovely evening and i had the place to myself, a real spiritual special place

some of the beautiful residents of windermere and sunset through the trees next to our lodge, in the summer the sun sets right in front of the lodge which i imagine will be completely stunning if this was anything to go by

Saturday, 19 March 2011

playing again :)

thought this one was kind of cute and it will brighten up the place til easter at least :)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

they got the mustard out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no i haven't gone mad, was flicking through the channels and came across my favourite buffy the vampire slayer episode, the one with all the singing in it, it's called once more with feeling and i have it on cd and used to know all the words so i'm quite happily singing along to the ones i remember LOL

Friday, 11 March 2011

grab a seat and a snack this is going to be a long one LOL

finally got round to unpacking my bags from the sarahs cards retreat last week (was having dinner this time last week LOL) and i also got round to taking lots of photo's so get yourself comfy cos here we go LOL

first up was actually my classrooms last class, a vintage distressed class by rachael elliott, so not me but it turned out gorgeous but then again what else is to be expected it's a rachael class LOL next is this lovely class by lianne mawer, it was to use lacy paper and has given me an idea of what to do with it so i can use up the hoards i have now :) it was using the dear lizzy papers by american crafts and is another gorgeous one (ok word of warning now, i'm gonna use gorgeous a lot LOL) this one is by claire wheatley and is using websters pages, i saw the kit and nearly passed out as this is so not me and i avoid websters pages like the plague but it turned out to be one of my favourite classes i just love it :) gorgeous innit ??? LOL this one was our first class of the retreat by vanessa, an old crop friend from a while ago, it was lovely to see her and this class was right up my street :) of course i never follow the class instructions to the letter but vanessa knows me from old and was quite happy to let me go off on a tangent LOL and it had some gorgeous papers to use with the loveliest bunting :)
this next one was by lou and is another stunner and one i would never have thought of doing, a see through lay out, how cool is that ? loved the papers on this one too and more gorgeous bunting :) don't ya just love a bit of bunting LOL this is the last class i've got to upload but these are probably my favourite papers of the entire retreat, gorgeous colours and cute owls, what more can a girl want LOL the class was by nat and we got to sew a cute little embellie :) the rest are the layouts i completed over the weekend, last year including classes i managed 17 so this year i wanted to better that and was dead chuffed to manage 18, mind you in november i'm not going for 19 that would just be silly LOL so there you go, all 18, hope you like and i haven't bored you to death by now LOL

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

photos photos photos

here are some of the photos i took on the fab weekend that was the sarahs cards retreat, just a few mind cos i did take quite a few and i have 18 lo's to photograph and show off too LOL

Number one- the sweetie shoppe before the hoards of hungry scrappers descended on it and ate all the red liqorice even though i told them all it was mine LOL Number two- the state of our table, theresa, lorraine, kerry and i had such a mess and it was scary how neat some people had their tables LOL
Number three- the cropping room, this was either a mealtime or early in the morning as it's rather empty LOL Number four- the lovely orchids on the tables Number five six and seven-some of the lovely ladies i met, theresa and i at the evening meal we had just been laughing our socks off at the "brown" we had been served for supper LOL a last minute addition thanks to lesley, a photo of the very said "brown" LOL, amanda in the middle and caroline and lesley, lesley had me in stitches every evening meal LOLNumber eight-showing off my quick pod camera pole to jane in the queue for lunch on sunday LOL and last but not least number nine- the name badges ready for judging, mine is the green birdcage with the medallion hanging off it, the winning badge was just a little to the left of the picture so i mangaged to miss the thing LOL all in all a fantastic weekend and i can't wait for the next one :D

Monday, 7 March 2011

naughty girl LOL

but i had such a great time at the weekend that as soon as i got in from work tonight i went online and booked a place at the retreat in november :) can't wait LOL

Sunday, 6 March 2011

oh my god LOL

am back from the most fantastic weekend at the sarah's cards retreat at warrington, i had the most fantastic time, had a lovely room all to myself, the food was in the main very delicous(the less said about saturday nights lamb the better LOL), the classes were amazing, the goody back good, the shop amazing and i did 18 lo's in a weekend, i am now officially knackered and need a jolly good nights sleep :D was worth it all though and i so hope to be back next year :D

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

why am i on here

when i should be sorting stuff out for the retreat at the weekend ????? i can't wait, work is a bit manic at the moment due to lots of staff being off but we get on with it, it can only get better i suppose and any way only 3 more sleeps and i'll be away, i've arranged a baby sitting service for dad LOL the lovely neighbour over the road has said he'll keep an eye on him and dad can just go to him if he needs anything :) so now i must really get off here and get some stuff sorted LOL