Saturday, 28 July 2012

What a spectacle

 And although i didn't like the fact it wasn't daley thompson or sir steve redgrave lighting the cauldron i thought the opening ceremony was bloody fantastic :-D i loved the queen and james bond and rowan atkinson and chariots of fire, i loved how proud sir chris hoy looked carrying the flag and i had goosebumps at the childrens choirs at the beginning and at emilie sande singing abide with me but someone really needs to tell macca it's time to hang up his guitar. It was a great night and i thoroughly enjoyed it all now GO TEAM GB :-)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Well at least now i know.....

Just why i've got an urgent appointment to see the gynaecologist, turns out i have an enormous cyst on my left ovary :-( i also have gall stones but since they don't bother me i have to get the cyst treated asap. Oh well guess i'm going to have to get used to getting my bits out for strangers then LOL so if you see a red glow in the sky on the afternoon of august the 6th, that'll just be me glowing with embarrasment at having to get the lady garden out LOL

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A good day

Although a bloody boiling one LOL i had my first solo weigh in this morning and i've lost five and a half pounds :-D i was over the moon cos that means i have now lost a whopping six stone one pound :-D going to have a little treat to celebrate then it's back on plan as i really want to be telling s and t when we go up to glenacre at the end of august that i've lost seven stone :-)

Sunday, 22 July 2012


Was a funny old day. I finally made some descisions that had been running around in my head for a long time. I left my team over on ukscrappers and have decided to leave ukscrappers too. I also made the descison to stop going to class at slimming world. I won't be stopping the diet as i am still enjoying that but class has been doing my head in for a while and i really need a break from it. I will continue to weigh myself every tuesday and write it in my book and i might go back at some point but right now i am feeling strong enough to have a go of it on my own for a while. There was also a mass cull of "friends" on face book and i still have one very important descision left to make but i have until friday to make that one. Right now i feel the descisions i have made have been the right ones for me and to be honest that's all that matters. Now let life commence :-)

Saturday, 21 July 2012

some of the thousand

in a completely random order a few of the 1000 photos i took on our skye holidays, this was a newborn seal pup near dunvegan castle, no zoom lens, we were this close, we were in a rickety old rowing boat at the time which had i known when i booked the trip we would never have gone on it LOL

our gorgeous room at cruinn bheinn, the best night sleep i have ever had and the most fabulous place to stay

photo of the isle of raasay, we went over on a boat trip and spent the afternoon watching the world go by and enjoying the sunshine

amazing sunset from the steps of our B&B

taken while enjoying a pint of lemonade at isle oronsay

random highland cow who just happened to be lying right next to a aprking bay on the main road to portree, i wasn't the only one taking photos LOL

common dolphin spotted on our way to loch coruisk on the bella jane boat trip

waiting to go on the aquaXplore trip from elgol, it was the trip of a lifetime and we saw so much wildlife

more common dolphins, part of a pod of about 300 we saw on the aquaXplore RIB trip to Canna

view of the cuillins from the steps of our B&B

the western isles from the trotternish peninsula on skye

loves watching the waves crashing on the rocks at staffin bay

the view from our bedroom window, loch snizort on skye

Friday, 20 July 2012

Is excited

Have booked a sneaky few days away to edinburgh in december, it's actually dad's christmas present but i'm pretty sure i'll enjoy it too LOL will be going up on the train, first class of course LOL and staying in a four star luxury hotel just at the end of princes street :-) planning on a couple nice meals out and was planning on taking in a show but since the choice appears to be dirty dacing or mother goose think we'll be giving that a miss LOL really looking forward to it as there was no way i could manage to go from october until march 2013 without some little break away :-)

Thursday, 19 July 2012


Been poorly for a few days fingers crossed for a quick arrival of feeling better

Monday, 9 July 2012


The first day back at work with all my nails intact and just a smidgeon of a splitting headache LOL need to go to morrisons tomorrow to get some sweeties for the girls at work as i forgot the shortbread i was going to get, plus i might need a wee treat to pick me up after i find out just exactly how much two weeks in skye has sabotaged the weight loss journey LOL do you know what i don't really care because it was the most amazing holiday i have ever had and whatever weight i've put on i'll get off in a couple of weeks. Am away for the bank holiday weekend and i'd love to say i'd lost 7 stone by then :-) so onwards and downwards i go

Thursday, 5 July 2012

We're back!

We had the most amazing time on the isle of skye, the weather was lovely, our b&b was so comfortable and spotlessly clean with amazing views and very delicious breakfasts, we found a fab place to eat at night that did yummy cocktails, i discovered a beer i liked and we did some great and amazing things, my favourite was the boat trips we did, we got to see dolphins and whales close up and were practically nose to nose with the harbour seals at dunvegan. The best trip though was on the aquaXplore trip out to canna on a super fast 12 seater RIB, i stood up the entire way as we bounced our way at 40 miles per hour over the waves to rumm and canna getting up close to dolphins, puffins and seals. It was so exhilarating and i so want a RIB for christmas LOL I took nearly 1000 photos in the space of ten days so it'll take me a while to wprk my way through them LOL bought myself some lovely things too, i got two lovely silver rings, a pretty necklace, some pottery and a harris tweed handbag :)also sponsored two lizards at the broadford serpentarium for a year and a snake for the kids at work LOL plans for the rest of the week include nails done tomorrow then i'm at the hospital for a scan on saturday then chilling out before back on earlies next week :-)