Sunday, 26 May 2013

Having a fantastic weekend

So far :-) the weather has been wonderful, our hotels have been lovely and we have visited two amazing attractions, yesterday was Magna in Rotherham where according to my pedometer I walked over seven and a half miles :-0 Today was the National Coal mining museum near Wakefield which was fascinating. You get to go down the mine in the old cage, 500ft down which is almost the height of Blackpool tower! Was really worried about it but thanks to our lovely guide and the other guys around the pit head who explained all about the lift shaft and the cage it was an absolute doddle and I thoroughly enjoyed it :-) staying near Wakefield tonight before heading to the royal armouries in Leeds tomorrow before home :-)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

A great time

Was had at the craft for at Nissan this morning, I spent an absolute fortune but so what it's only money and I can't take it with me :-) I also walked another 4000+ steps so earned myself some activity points! I bought myself a ww pedometer yesterday and thought there is no way I'll walk the amount of steps I need to do but I have :-) going to keep it on all the time just to see how many I can manage! Lost another pound yesterday which I was pleased about so I've lost 87lbs in total now :-) won't be there next week as we are away but I will weigh in before we go to see how I'm doing :-)

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Weekend news

Was up really early this morning, thought I'd come back to bed for half an hour and of course I've just woke op LOL lost another three pounds last week taking me to 86lbs gone now :-) nearly back to where I was :-) been scrapping lots this weekend and plan to get at least a couple more done today. Have decided I'm heading off to the craft show at Nissan next Sunday, haven't been for ages and I'll have been paid by then so I'll be able to afford a wee spend! Of course I must remember that the tunnel is £1.60 now as I'm always thinking it's £1.40 and not having enough money with me LOL

hope you have all had a lovely weekend whatever you have been up to :-)

Friday, 10 May 2013

Poorly me :-(

Still battling this rotten cough and cold but have made it worse by hurting my back while coughing :-( can't bend over and it hurts when i breathe and i need chocolate to make me all better LOL  had to take a half day annual leave today cos i was no good at work, couldn't pick any of the kids up or put anything on the floor :-( but i made the most of it by taking myself up to the craft room and getting some scrapping done :-) theres also a blog event going on over the weekend so will be doing a few bits of that tonight and after fat club tomorrow :-)

Monday, 6 May 2013

Busy day today

Was up early cos i cannot breathe properly with this stupid cold :-( by ten o'clock i had two lo's done :-) did a few more then decided it was hair dye time, i had cut it yesterday so put my vibrant red hair dye on, well a disaster occurred cos it coloured the roots but not the black bits left over from my last hair dyeing session. So we ran along to Boots and dad went in and got me another black hair dye as a last resort but i didn't really want to go back to black, so i got home and decided to chop it ultra short which is what i did, it's very short but my hair grows quite fast so in a month or so it should be fine :-)

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Very chuffed

To have lost seven pounds this week so i'm well on my way to losing what i had put on, onwards and downwards i go :-)

Off to see Eddie Izzard at the arena tonight and it's national scrapbooking day so going to haul my ass up to the craft room and get a few bits and bobs done, got the rest of the weekend to play too, especially with my glorious haul of paper stacks i purchased at tk maxx this morning :-) they normally have nowt in when i go but not today and since dad's out i can get them hidden upstairs before he's any the wiser LOL

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

I know

It's only three days in but i am really enjoying my new weight watchers diet, have been very good so i am hoping for a nice result on saturday morning. The only trouble i'm having is the amount of toilet visits i'm having LOL was up 5 times through the night for a wee !!!!! So i was exhausted this morning when it was time to get up. Am thoroughly enjoying my lunches of a bagel with cheese spread, salad and smoked salmon with a pile of fruit and tomatoes and have made something from scratch every night for my tea :-)