Wednesday, 11 November 2009

fantastic and no vertical sunshine LOL

had the best holiday, it was lovely and has flown over, the weather was great, although it was cold, it never rained so we stayed nice and dry, the frosty mornings and misty starts made for great photo opportunities and although i am looking forward to my own bed as the beds in the hotel were as hard as rock, the food and trips and entertainment were really great LOL no crafty spend on holiday but i did come back with a new purse, handbag, 3 pendants, a truth bead, magnetic bracelet, rubber ducks, teddies, momjii dolls, russian dolls, advent candle, and a titanic and iceberg ice cube tray LOL

of course there was drama, there seems to be drama a lot when we go away, the first bit was when dad had a fall in the bath, he said he was alright but it took a while to haul him out, then on the way home a lady off the other highland heritage coach fell as she was getting into the coach gashing her leg, it was pouring with blood and the driver was just standing looking at her, garry, our courier rang an ambulance but they were still letting her stand there and bleed, so i ran down the aisle, grabbed our first aid kit from the coach and did something about it, got her sat down and the leg elevated and applied pressure to the wound with two large bandages cos the blood soaked through the first one pretty quickly and just kept reassuring her and pressing down on the wound, it looked like it had more or less stopped when the ambulance arrived but they took her away as we were leaving, hopefully she was ok and they could get her home. as i went to help her husband asked if i was a nurse, i said no but i had watched enough casualty to know what to do LOL

now the job of tidying up, the washing and the uploading and editing of 350 plus photo's

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