Saturday, 28 November 2009

i've bought a dress

yup you read that right, i have gone and bought a dress, yes, me the one that lives in trousers LOL i was browsing for an outfit for xmas and there were no tops that i liked the look of so i ventured into the dress section and they had a really pretty waterfall neckline maxi dress, so i thought why not, it was the maxi bit that appealed to me as most dresses, even if they look long in the catalogues, only come to my knees and i like long, so this one was 52" in length, well it arrived this morning and it's really lovely, it is peacock blue and is the perfect length, i really like it so that is xmas day sorted,i had also ordered some shoes (going back-too high) and a cami and shrug combo, the idea being i would wear the shrug over the dress but i don't need it but i'm keeping it as the combo is really pretty and dressed up with a bit of bling will do for new year :)

went to the scrapbook shop crop today, really enjoyed it even though i seem to have left my brain in bed at home LOL i kept forgetting where i had put things and losing things then when one of my lo's didn't go according to plan (i need to pull the entire thing apart later on) i decided maybe it was time for home LOL

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