Thursday, 30 September 2010

scoping things out for the next holiday LOL

been having a wee browse of t'internet to find out what there is to do and where to go for our next holiday (5weeks and 1 day not that i'm counting LOL) fancy having a trip across to mull as i haven't been there before and now we know what to expect from the slightly bigger ferries after our trip to bute, i was thinking it would a nice day trip, it'll have to be a tuesday or a thursday as more ferrries run on those days so think i will try to book us onto one and we can cross another island off the list, also plan on having a trip up to glen coe and fort william and might even have another trip on the jacobite steam train as it's been ages since we were on that, one thing i do know is i'll be taking lots of thick jumpers and winter clothes cos i am still freezing cold :(

will be really glad when this week is over, i have never seem to have stopped all week with so many different bits of paper work getting handed to me to do and then all the usual paperwork i really feel like i have spent no time with the kids, this two of us in the room malarkey just really seems to be not working :( never mind it's the weekend soon and next weds i'm meeting up with my bessie mates for a meal out, that always cheers me up no end :)

Monday, 27 September 2010

is it just me

or is it bloody cold? i'm sitting here with my pj's and slippers on and my thick towelling dressing gown, a laptop on my knee and the fire on full blast and i'm still feeling cold LOL say that give me 10 minutes and i'll be so warm i'll want the windows and doors open LOL

Sunday, 26 September 2010

dad wins the prize for best photographer.........NOT!!!!!!

all i wanted was a photo of me paddling in the sea off cumbrae but i should have known better than to trust the job to dad LOL at least we had a bloody good laugh looking at them LOL in fact we laughed so much we cried LOL this is the first attempt LOL obviously not me in the sea LOL

the next one is again obviously not me in the sea LOL but at least we got the sea this time LOL

then the next two at least have me in it,shame they are out of focus LOL he couldn't really miss me i was wearing a bright coral jacket and was waving my arms in the air at him trying to get him to look in the right direction LOL

and i saved the best 'til last, here i am paddling in the clyde off cumbrae on sunday the 19th september 2010 LOL
now you can see why there are hardly any photos of me LOL still plan on scrapping them though, i think they'll make a fab page LOL

Saturday, 25 September 2010

home again

and at last we are warm LOL we have had a lovely holiday despite the weather which was either freezing cold but blue skies or warm and torrential rain, and i mean torrential, on weds afternoon it rained so badly that the village was cut off by flash floods at either end so we couldn't get out to go for our meal and had to stay on the park, the rain was running down the hills and under our caravan washing the gravel drive away and depositing it up against the front wheels of my car LOL

the area was lovely, i really liked bute and mount stuart house and loch eck was beautiful ans so peaceful, largs was the favourite though as we discovered nardini's ice cream WOW we went every day and tried something different from their ice cream sundae menu, my favourite was crunchy lemon pavlova MMMMM i also liked largs because the beach was great for picking up pretty pebbles, sea glass and sea pottery, i came home with pockets full of pretty things i intend to make into jewellery LOL

unfortunately the park and the caravan were not to our taste or standards and i will not be going back to stay with them, the van was very grubby and very old fashioned and most importantly freezing cold and damp, it's a good job we only use the place to sleep in but i was so glad i had taken my own bedding :(

off to put all the new purchases away and see what i can cobble together for tea, it won't be rack of lamb like last night, that's for sure LOL

Thursday, 16 September 2010

one more day

until the holidays, and i'm on earlies so i should be home by four which is good, it'll give me the chance to get everything done as so far i have done nowt LOL now hwere did i put the list of stuff i need LOL

Sunday, 12 September 2010

late last night

after a bottle of wine i decided it was probably time for a hair cut LOL so out came the clippers and it all came off :) considering i'd had a bottle of wine i did a rather good job of it and it's back to being the nice and short, spiky, off my ears style i like :) so today it was time to put the hair colour on, i had bought a new hair dye ages ago in dark bordeaux but had not got round to putting it on so this afternoon i thought i'd give it a go, now seeing as it was called dark bordeaux and by looking at the picture on the box i was sort of expecting a red wine/purpley sort of colour....................................erm well maybe i was expecting too much of a £2.49 hairdye (it is a schwartzkopff one though) LOL so it hasn't really gone red wine/purpley more of an dark orange/ginger nut effect LOL LOL LOL at least the greys have gone though LOL to be replaced by fluroscent orange LOL hopefully it will calm down after a wash or 7 LOL

Saturday, 11 September 2010

a- cropping we will go!

frozen north crop today and it was a fun one, lots and lots of gossiping, giggling, taking the piss, laughing and eating extremely good chocolate cake LOL a bit of scrapping was done too so a very good day was had by all, plus i came home armed with some new stamps and punches :D the award for most dedicated frozen north cropper definitely goes to S who travelled down from near glasgow to crop with us before heading off on holiday for a few days and we also had a visitor from belfast who was staying with H, it was lovely to see S and J and everybody and the day we had was just what the doctor ordered LOL now i need to cram everything i had planned to do this and last weekend into tomorrow, first port of call is a haircut and hairdye so i'm ready for next saturday :)

Friday, 10 September 2010

tfi friday

what a week LOL really deserve the bottle of wine tonight LOL and my crop tomorrow though as usual i have nothing packed, i'll be doing the usual flinging of kits into the bag late tonight or early tomorrow LOL

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

well i wasn't away as long as i thought LOL

because to my complete surprise i managed to fix the computer all by myself LOL i went into pc world and bought an external hard drive to back everything up onto then walked up to the tech guys and giving a jolly good impression of sounding like i knew what the hell i was talking about LOL told them what was wrong and said "i'm thinking back up and a complete system restore" and they said yes LOL so that's what i did and by golly it worked LOL sort of sadly cos i had my eye on a rather gorgeous toshiba which was embossed on the case LOL well at least i've saved myself a bit of money :) so now i just need to find where the computer has hidden all my music and photographs cos i know they were restored onto the computer it told me so it just didn't tell me where LOL

Monday, 6 September 2010

going awol for a while

having major laptop problems so it's going in to be mended and goodness knows when i'll get it back, hopefully before i actually have to walk around asda to do some shopping next week LOL

Friday, 3 September 2010

say hello wave goodbye

sad day at work today as it was the big kids last day before they start school, there was lots of tears, we have had some of the kiddies since they were wee babies and in some cases they were the second or third child from the same family we have had through the nursery, so it was very hard to say goodbye, of course the kids weren't bothered, it's a big adventure for them, off to big school plus there was sweeties to take home and that's all they were bothered about LOL but we had a few mummies in tears and even a big sister or two LOL i will miss a few of them so much as they and their families were just the nicest people, of course there is the other side of the coin and there are some we will be glad to see the back of LOL but onwards and upwards as they say! next week we get a whole new bunch of characters to keep us amused LOL i feel a chocolate attack coming on already LOL