Sunday, 31 January 2010

bloody taxi company

had a great night out last night, it was lovely to see v and to share her excitement about her new grandchild who still hadn't made an appearence, we toasted the future mum, dad and grandparents, ate great chinese food amd had a laugh, until it was home time, v's taxi arrived on time, c's hubby arrived on time, i gave my taxi ten minutes then rang " he's on his way" gave it another 10 minutes " he couldn't find it so we're sending another taxi up" waited until 1/4 to midnight (taxi was booked for 11 !!!!) " he's five minutes away" rang again at midnight " oh you meant garth 24 not 22" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT THE FUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! according to them everytime i rang i told them the wrong address !!!!!!!!!!!!! i was livid, and even more so when i got home to find dad still up, totally panic stricken because he thought i'd been in an accident and had been trying unsuccessfully to ring the taxi company to see where i was. NOTE TO SELF do not use battle hill taxis ever again

Saturday, 30 January 2010

you cannot be serious LOL

had a great night out last night with a few of my mates from work, we went to an italian restaurant for a change and had a lovely meal, a good laugh, a bit of a bitch and generally put the world to rights, got a lift home and it was cold but clear and a nice night, by the time i got sleepy in bed and was ready to get comfy i opened my eyes, thought it was a bit light, looked out of the window and there it was back to 6 inches of bloody snow in the garden GRRRR i mean c'mon we've just got rid of the last lot of the bloody stuff LOL so bang goes the plan to go out looking at cars today and i'm glad i hadn't booked to go to the crop in durham cos that would have been a fiver wasted.

amm off out again tonight for a chinese this time, another good chat and a nice bottle or two of wine, so will probably be very late in and very late up tomorrow LOL

Thursday, 28 January 2010

jan week 4 challenge

over on uks this weeks challenge was one i like, it was to use a sketch and a non human photo so it was a really good one for me and i whipped it up in pse in about 20 minutes flat, my points this month are enormous LOL i'll probably have at least half the teams points LOL

and for anyone inteested, the arms were agony at 2am but were fine when i got up this morning LOL

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

dead arms LOL

have been sanding a table i want to use at work today so i have dead arms LOL hopefully it will be worth all the effort and it won't have warped into a barrel by the time i go into work tomorrow LOL. no scrapping so far this week, been far too busy looking at every small car i can think of on the internet as i really fancy a new one, i sort of have it down to 3 or 4 but will need to go and see them in the flesh and take a test drive in them before i make my mind up, i have a cheap candidate which is the kia rio 1.5 diesel, the middle candidate is the hyundai i20 1.4 diesel and the two splurge candidates are the seat ibiza 1.6 deisel and the peugot 207, the kia and the hyundai only have £35 road tax too which is very appealing, what puts me off the kia is they only do them in a 5 door and i really want a 3 door, but the price and spec are excellent, the front runner at the mo though is the electric green 3 door hyundai, i just need to have a drive of it LOL

Monday, 25 January 2010

back to work

and we had a lovely day, the kids were so good, it was an absolute pleasure, came home set foot through the door and the sneezing started :( and it basically hasn't stopped since LOL and my nose is running like i don't know what, reckon i might be allergic to work/kids LOL am planning on a very early night in bed tonight in the hope of getting some sleep, rather than the catnapping i seem to be doing at the moment :(

Saturday, 23 January 2010

been feeling strangely poorly

and have been of work for the past two days, i am feeling so sick again and also have a sore throat, bad chest,and my right eye, ear and nostril are runny and itchy :( i couldn't get a docs appt but spoke to the nurse practi-tioner on the phone who said it sounds like a virus and if i'm feeling no better to go to the docs on monday, i am actually feeling a lot better though i wish i could shake off the sick feeling, also i could sleep the day away i am so tired yet at night time i am kept awake cos when i do fall asleep i'm having horrible nightmares :(

made myself get up early today in the hope i will be tired at bed time tonight and sleep, i spent the day scrapping both on my computer and in my scrap room, i managed four real paper lo's and 3 digi lo's, i'm off to the holystone crop tomorrow so i'm hoping for another five or so there so i can start catching up on my albums, i've taken photo's of the real lo's but not got them on here yet so for now you'll have to make do with my digi efforts

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

a late one

last night was a late one as i didn't get in from work until after half seven as we had had a staff meeting, i was feeling a bit down too cos of some of the things that were said, maybe i'm being a bit paranoid but i really feel like my best just isn't good enough and i am having to justify everything i do, and how come we are getting compliments one minute then everything we do is not the right way of thinking anymore and that's all in the space of 2 days GRRRRR

anyhoo i've been home since 4ish and after making a rather delicous broth and dumplings for tea i had another go at the digi scrapping malarkey and tonight i learned how to put text onto my lo so i can do journalling, here are the three i have done tonight

Monday, 18 January 2010

having fun

with this digi stuff LOL i spent last night and some of tonight downloading some kits i purchased from pickleberrypop, a site that has some fabulous stuff on it, i was good though and only bought stuff that was in their sale, well mostly only bought stuff that was in their sale LOL also did some scrapping tonight, i made a lo with one of my paid for kits with the snow meerkat i made on new years day, pretty happy with the way it turned out and every time i do a lo i am exploring pse a bit more.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

looks like i'm converted LOL

after a tutorial on digi scrapping 101 a blog and a little bit of fiddling and remembering to save it as a jpeg i have success in lo number 2 LOL i'm downloading a free kit as i type and i've bookmarked lots of other free kit sites, so looks like i'm a definite convert, planning to have a play with a few photo's on pse tomorrow, see what magic i can do with them LOL

i've gone digi

well i've managed to do one digi lo and i'm really quite pleased with it, don't think it will ever replace my love of all things paper and pretty LOL but i think i could get used to it, the only trouble i'm having is trying to resize it to the size i need to go on ukscrappers, i normally use pix resizer but it is saying that it doesn't support the kind of file this lo is, i'm going to attempt to upload it on here then have a bit more of a play in photoshop and see if i can resize it in there, fingers crossed eh LOL

Thursday, 14 January 2010

the start of a new cj

my new pass it on cj starts tomorrow, so i thought i would email my scraplift off to my partner rebekah tonight as i will be late in tomorrow, the idea of the cj is that i chose a lo and scraplift it, i chose a lo by relliott on uks as she has such a lovely style, i always like her lo's and loved this one as soon as i saw it, rachael has very kindly let me put it on here so i can see how much it has changed in 10 months time, thanks rachael. i then produce a lo from her original, i pass that on by email to my cj partner who scrap lifts it and sends it on to her partner etc etc etc until it comes back to me, i actually love the way it turned out, i think it's a really nice photo of me which is not something you hear from me very often LOL

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

a welcome return

the cj that i signed up to on uks this time last year finally returned home today, it was supposed to be home last october but a few delays held it up and i was the last one of the group to get mine home, it was worth the wait though, it had been such a long time since i had seen it i could hardly remember what it looked like, it looks great though, i took the theme of crimes of fashion and i love the way some people have chosen to work with the idea

and friday i start a new cj, but this one is different as i never actually have to post anything, i just have to email a picture of my lo to my partner and they will scraplift that lo and so on all the way round the group, so i will end up with ten lo's that have never left my sweaty little palms LOL

Monday, 11 January 2010

and today there is even less LOL

and with any luck there will be none tomorrow, but it is a bit typical as we planned an entire week of snow related activities and the snow is going LOL i think it's called sod's law LOL

and two parcels of stash arrived :) i had forgotten what i had ordered i had waited so long for them to arrive :)

Sunday, 10 January 2010

hoping i'm not speaking too soon.................

but the snow is melting like billy oh here, when i took photo's yesterday it was just a blanket of white in the garden, but today there are patches of green showing through, let's hope it continues and it's all gone by tomorrow LOL

had a really lovely birthday meal at the black door last night , i had a mojito cocktail to start with then i had black pudding with a poached egg on top to start while dad had a prawn cocktail, wine was a chilean merlot, main courses were rump steak and chips for dad and venison steak with pasta, walnuts and bacon for me, dessert wine was a glass of elysium black muscat, puddings were bread and butter pudding for dad and warm chocolate and coffee tart with butternut squash pannecotta for me followed by a double espresso and a whole pot of their delicious chocolate coffee beans.

have finally got round to installing my new printer and uninstalling the old one, it was really easy to install and the piccies it prints are very nice quality too :)

Saturday, 9 January 2010

bad timing

today was supposed to be my birthday crop and come hell or high snow i was getting there, what i didn't bank on was waking up this morning with the most terrible migraine :( got myself up to take my medication only to be sick in the bathroom, so had to wait a bit until i knew my stomach was settled enough to take the tablet, by which time the head was agony and the aura i could see in my right eye had become a complete circle :( so i knew there was no way i was going to get to the crop so i texted h and s and left a message on uks to let peeps know, took the tablet and headed back to bed, i woke up 5 hours later in a lot less pain but feeling very woolly headed :( lousy timing huh? plus ot means i have an entire birthday cake to get through, now do i be generous and take it into work or do we start eating it now LOL

went outside to take some photo's of the snow as i feel it is quite important to document this freak weather we seem to be having, i wonder if the littlies at work will remember this bad winter when they are all grown up? any way we have 9 inches of snow in the garden, more in some places but i can't get the ruler all the way to the ground as i hit solid ice in some parts, there are some lovely icicles hanging from the neighbours roofs, we don't have any as the snow keeps sliding off our roof.

have been on the phone to the black door restaurant to make sure they are open this evening which they are then i rang the biscuit factory gallery to check if they were open, it's a good job i did as they close at 6pm now instead of 7:30pm like they used too, so change of plan, no looking around the gallery first, so our taxi is booked for 7pm :)

off to edit the photo's i have just taken now then i'm going upstairs to do a bit of scrapping :)

Friday, 8 January 2010

sure darn pretty

this photo has been on all the newspapers and news programmes recently and was taken by a nasa satellite way up in space, the country looks amazing and reminds me of the view of earth from space in the film the day after tomorrow, it looks beautiful but it's bloody awful to be down here in it LOL

Thursday, 7 January 2010

pretty pissed off

that i am risking my life to get to work to have either hardly any kids in or kids whose parents are at home :0 and i do mean risking my life, i was slipping and sliding all over the place and ended up sliding out of the street sideways when i left for work this morning, it's a bloody good job there was nothing coming cos i couldn't stop :( if it freezes tonight i'm stuffed and it will have to be a taxi job or the bus to get me there :(

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

happy birthday to me :)

today i turned 41, and for the first time ever i have been to work on my birthday :( but it was actually really nice, apart from the commute which was scary and dangerous because of the snow :(

the kids started singing happy birthday to me as soon as i walked through the door and i have had so many birthday cuddles off them through the day which is so sweet, i got some fabulous presents off the girls from work, i had asked for a momiji doll but got two :) and a mug and some stickers :) thank you ladies i love them

when i got home from work (in a much easier journey than last night !!!!!) i had presents off dad, a new tote bag, a dvd and lots of new promarkers, a lovely present of heather (thank you hun ) and some lovely cards, we didn't have any post today so i think i might get a few more cards when the postie arrives. i've ordered a takeaway and i have birthday cake to have :)

need to take a few photo's to mark the occaision too :)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

normality resumes

or as near as we will ever get to normal in our household LOL the tree is down and all the decorations except for one solitary bauble which i must remember to take upstairs tonight , i actually took all the decs down last night and we sat with just the tree lights on and the window lights and it made me realise how nice it actually looked, and i think for xmas 2010 i will just be putting the tree and window lights up as well as the village and icy ivor but that is probably it, i mean i love all the xmas tat up but it takes at least a day and a half to put up and the same to take it all back down again.

the snow is still here but has started to melt quite bit and we have only had the odd flurry of the stuff today, the snowman is no more, the birds came yesterday and ate the peanuts which were his eyes and nose and when i got up today his head had fallen off AAHH poor snowman LOL here are some more photo's i took yesterday

Friday, 1 January 2010

i'm a little snowman

who looks like a meerkat according to papa LOL

been out taking photo's LOL

i wanted these to go in the previous post but don't know how to get them from Picasa into my posts yet, as so far i have only ever uploaded from Kodak easy share, so on a bit of a learning curve, i like picasa because i can do editing of my photo's but it means i have two lots of photo's stored on here as i can't work out how to get my camera to upload straight into picasa LOL

anyhoo here are some photo's of the back garden when i went out to play earlier on, i will admit to the snow looking totally beautiful, but it was freezing cold so i didn't stay out for long LOL, before heading back into the warm :)

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first post of 2010

happy new year!!!! not that i stayed up or anything, was in bed pretty early, put my earplugs in and slept right through, that's the way i like it actually, woke up this morning to whiteness everywhere, we have had lots of snow, its probably about 3 inches deep, and i don't like it, although it does look very pretty at the moment, in fact so pretty that i might go and take some photo's LOL