Tuesday, 29 September 2009

should have known better

than to hope it would be as easy as ordering and getting the damn tote, comes in tonight to an email from saying they don't have the lilac tote in stock (why is it still on the website then) and they only have the red or can get me a black GRRRRRRRRRRRR no good to me as i really don't want to have to buy the whole set of totes again to match with what i have, so i've told them just to issue me a refund and i'll see if i can get it elsewhere have asked g from scrapbook shop and it looks like i can get it on the storage for crafts website so i'll try there in the morning

on a happy note my new camera arrived at 8:50 this morning, it's gorgeous and i can't wait to have a play, unfortunately the batteries have to be on charge for 18 hours, so it'll be tomorrow night before i get to play LOL

Sunday, 27 September 2009

boo hoo

when i came in from the crop yesterday the bars on the bottom of my tote bag that keep it taut fell off and when i had a look at the bottom of it, the plastic bits that the bars clip into are broken :( i was very sad and thought i would probably have a go at mending it with some electricians tape, well that decision didn't last very long so i've ordered the large version, rather than the medium one i've got from craft at home up in scotland, bunged it on my credit card :) so with any luck that will arrive by next weekend LOL

had a lovely time

at the scrapbook shop crop yesterday, got to meet some new ladies and to catch up with cat who had abandoned the seaton sluice crop to join us and with shirley and liz, filled a loyalty card and bought some lovely goodies, ate yummy swiss roll (thankyou shirley) oh and did some scrapping, not as many as usual,only the 3 as i did quite a bit of handcutting on them this time, mind you i did more than some people LOL,

paid our november holidays off today as they were needing paid off by thurs so i seriously need to start looking at holidays for march and june now, i need something to look forward to don't i LOL

Friday, 25 September 2009

oh my

look what i've just been treating myself too, it's a kodak z980, 12 mega pixels and 24x optical zoom, oh my LOL i've been lusting after the kodak z1015 for months now with 15x optical zoom but saw this one and had to have it, i have had such sterling service from my z710 and it takes fabulous photo's so i'm hoping this will serve me as well as that one, this one has digital image stabilization so dad will have to learn to use it LOL, i love my camera's and have had a few now always going for the zoom lens so this one is going to be such a treat, bought it off amazon as it's £79 cheaper than on the kodak site, roll on 1pm tues when it arrives LOL


it's the weekend, i do love a friday night LOL but no poppy this weekend (sad) as she has gone on holiday with our cook j, as her daughter is desperate for a hamster and this is a trial run, mind you she's coming home with me next weekend, i need my cuddles you know LOL have a crop to go to tomorrow, down at the scrapbook shop in durham so plenty of cash needed for that then, not that i strictly need anything but you know LOL

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

what to call this post

haven't got a clue actually LOL not much going on, work home bed basically LOL have put some holidays in the diary at work for next year but no idea whether i have got them yet, need to get another holiday booked you know, i do like at least two holidays booked at any particular time, gives me something to look forward LOL got a nice pair of shoes delivered today, a pair of wine coloured leather flatties ready for the winter, aslo my sarahs cards kit arrived today, as usual it's gorgeous and i love it, will more than likely use it when i got to the sbs crop in durham on saturday

Sunday, 20 September 2009

bad blogger number 7348 LOL

but it wasn't all my fault, since installing a new version of firefox i have been having problems connecting to and staying on the net, it was taking ages to load up a page and then i kept losing my internet connection, fingers crossed it's ok now but i'm blogging while the going is good LOL

all my parcels arrived so i have lot's of lovely new stash, new clothes and new beads so a very happy bunny here, mind you i still might have to treat myself to a new thing or two LOL

i have poppy home for the weekend, decided on friday night to make her a poppy playground so spent a while fashioning pieces of cardboard, tubes and boxes into the nicest playground a baby hamster could want, she loved it and spent 10 happy minutes exploring it all LOL she then took advantage of my generousity by climbing over the wall and scuttling under the sofa LOL she was easily extricated (is that word or have i made it uo LOL) by offering her some carrot, she grabbed one end and i pulled until i could get my hands on her LOL

had a lovely time at the frozen north crop yesterday, got 5 pages done and got some wool to make some scarves as xmas presents, aslo paid my deposit to jo for the frozen north meet up/retreat at a lovely farmhouse near moffat in scotland for a weekend in feb next year, so looking forward to it, then realised it's the weekend before the sarah's cards retreat LOL so i'm going to be well busy for a week or two LOL

last night was a night out for the girls from work to celebrate r's 50th birthday, it's not until next weekend but we all went out tonight to let her have next weekend with her family, we went for a banquet at the ming cottage in whitley bay, it was really lovely, the food was excellent and at the end of the meal the staff brought out cake with sparklers and candles in and a little bunch of flowers for the birthday girl, a really lovely gesture, didn't get home until 11 when i thought i would be home about half 9 LOL had a wee cuddle and play with poppy then it was off to bed and a nice long lie in this morning, need to do the asda shop now and hope the internet connection holds long enough to let me get that done LOL

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

still no parcels

well not quite i did get half a parcel delivered this afternoon, i ordered a set of paint daubers from qvc, four of them arrived today, god knows where the other four are, so after ringing up to complain i have to wait 5 to 7 days for a courier to turn up to take them away then wait for the replacement ones to arrive GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! no sign of any of the other things i have ordered, i get so impatient but i get used to the fab delivery times from sarah's cards and expect every one to be like that, especially annoyed that my beads still haven't arrived.

had a busy morning at work when we had 14 kidlingtons in before 8am !!!!! i mean c'mon LOL but did have a very nice day in our room including a wee play with poppy, roll on friday so she can come home and play LOL

have been naughty and ordered both the september and the october scrapagogo one off kits, i really like the kits but i don't think i want to subscribe to another club so will just keep getting the ones that are available and take my fancy

Sunday, 13 September 2009

i'll miss her

poppy has to go back to nursery tomorrow and i will miss her tons, she is such a little character and has been so much better entertainment than the television that has been on offer over the weekend LOL right now she is making a bid for freedom through the bars of the cage LOL might persuade her into her ball for a little run around before she goes back

Saturday, 12 September 2009

hamster tamer extraodinaire LOL

well that was easy LOL i put poppy in her ball while i cleaned out her cage then when i put her back in i kept my hand in her cage and stroked her and let her sit on my hand then after a little while of that i gently closed my fingers around her and lifted her out of the cage *happy smile* so now i can put my hand in the cage and she will come and sit on it and be lifted out for a cuddle *big grin* now all i need is tips on how to get her to sit still for a photograph cos as soon as i get the camera focused on her she moves LOL with any luck i might have uploaded a short video of the crazy beast for any one who wants a wee peak at her, she is very cute LOL

Friday, 11 September 2009

we have a guest

her name is poppy she's approx 6 weeks old and she bites LOL she's the nursery hamster and hasn't been handled very much so it appears to have fallen to me to do the taming, have been putting my hand in her cage and feeding her and stroking her so this weekends job is to get her so i can pick her up. she is very cute and fun to watch, she hasn't used her wheel yet but she creases me up the way she climbs the bars and jumps from level to level in her cage, hoping to get some photo's over the weekend too LOL

two lovely stash parcels to play with when i got home so lots of stuff to play with over the weekend too

Thursday, 10 September 2009

some more holiday photo's

to brighten the place up a bit since i havent yet got round to picking the actual photo's up from asda yet LOL just keep forgetting to go on my way home from work as i'm always too knackered and just need to get home LOL anyway it's not as if i need them, i still have nearly all the holiday photo's from june to get through yet LOL

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

day three in otters

and i am beginning to get my head around it all and settling in LOL the first two days all i did was ask questions and i must have done r and l's heads in LOL it was completely exhausting to but i am so enjoying it, i love the pre-school age group, they are so funny and i love being able to talk with them, we had the most interesting conversation about how old people were today, i told the children i was forty and j asked me when i would be "fivety" LOL we also have the cutest pet in pre-school a brand new hamster called poppy, it appears to have fallen to me to get her used to being handled so i've been sticking my hand in here cage every day so she can get used to my smell, we cleaned the cage out today so she went in a box and i managed to stroke her lots and she had a good old sniff of my hand and even a taste, she wasn't biting but putting her teeth around the end of my finger and tasting me, i did get a nibble though when i tried to pick her up, so she is coming home with me on friday and my job for the weekend is to tame the hamster LOL so i might be typing with plasters on my fingers on monday LOL

have the house to myself as dad has a hospital appt to have his hearing tested ready for new digital hearing aids, lets hope they work better than his other one does LOL

Sunday, 6 September 2009

guess i can talk about it now

on the friday before my holidays i was told about the room moves going ahead next week at work as they had been worrying me and c asked me to move into otters which is the pre-school room, i am so chuffed as it is my favourite age group, also love the staff that work in there so was a bit sad that one of them would be moving out, so start in there tomorrow, been dying to know who else has moved but i can't get in touch with anyone, will just have to be patient until tomorrow LOL

bought some gorgeous hand spun wool when we were away so went and got some huge knitting needles at arty and crafty this afternoon and have started knitting myself a scarf, it's knitting up lovely and very quickly too.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

home again home again

jiggedy jig LOL we had a fabulous holiday, the weather was okay apart from the torrential rain we had on thursday which caused lots of flooding in the very east of moray but it didn't spoil our day, we went to the pics, something we haven't done for ages, nairn was lovely but i wasn't impressed with park dean, our caravan had quite a bit of damage to it and some of the fittings didn't look like they had ever been dusted, the entertainment was crap and the bar prices extortionate, they did point us in the direction of the havelock pub where we ate every night and every morning for brekkie, the food was fab and very cheap just what we like LOL i spent a ton of money on lots of lovely things like a new kipling handbag and purse, some nice wine glasses, two wood pandora beads, a teddy called george, some new clothes, some beautiful wool i intend to make a scarf with, a crystal bead in green from a new bead company called amore & bacci and a new watch LOL no craft stuff cos there wasn't any i could find and i was good on the way home i didn't go into perth as i wanted to order 3 amber beads to go with my wood ones when i got home,

we are all unpacked, dad has the washing started and i'm planning on a nice supper and lunch out tomorrow to keep the holiday mode going, the photo's are sorted and i just need to put a bit of petrol in the car ready for work on monday, took about 6 hours to get to nairn so i am really looking forward to my own bed tonight LOL