Monday, 25 April 2011

two in one day huh LOL

but i thought i might as well stick my latest layouts and the wall hanging i made on here for all the world to see :) i now have my november holiday album finished so i'm pleased with that, it's not very often i am only one album behind being up to date LOL the wall hanging was a kit i bought from whichcrafts and you got 3 seven inch vinyl records, didn't really like the papers that came with it so i used a tsv i have had for ages from qvc to do it, quite pleased with how it turned out and at least i've made a bit of a dent in the darn thing LOL

ahead of myself LOL

i was really having to play catch up with the march a mini a month challenge but this months book is all done and photographed and put in with the rest of the mini books LOL really enjoying this challenge so far :) this book was a double squash book so i filled it full of photos of the backseat bears LOL they live on the backseat of my car and have been bought in lots of the places we have holidayed and named after the place we stayed or something to do with it, they are all scottish except for howard and dorothy and they are equally split between boys and girls :)

just in case you can't read the journalling we have howard who was bought at castle howard in yorkshire, bruce (named after robert the bruce) bought in glasgow, william- bought in fort william, ellen- bought at eilean donnan castle on the west coast of scotland, arthur- bought in edinburgh and named after arthur's seat , the hill in the middle of the city, donald- bought in mallaig on the west coast of scotland, duncan- bought at dobbies in stirling who nearly got called wallace after william wallace but he was labelled duncan so i kept his name, cal and corry who were bought in callander and were named after the village and the corryveckan whirlpool ad the latest addition, dorothy who was bought in cockermouth and named after william wordswoth's sister as they lived in a house in cockermouth as children.

Friday, 22 April 2011

playing catch up

with doing my quilt the scrapping had been put on the back burner for a while so i had a bit of catching up to do, this was the march "a mini a month" challenge mini book but i just got it done this week LOL i have made a start on the april mini book though and intend to finish it off at my crop tomorrow :) the photos were all taken when we went away last july/august for a sneaky weekend away in the scottish borders, it's a gatefold book and the pages alternate on opening from one side to the other, also some pages are split so open both ways on one page, it was a b***h to put together as i made lots of mistakes with the bind it all but i managed to bodge it a bit and i don't think you can tell LOL so thanks again to karen who is organizing this challenge, i am really enjoying the whole thing :)

Monday, 18 April 2011

this is what i've been busy with this week

making this rather cute baby quilt for one of my friends at work, i thought it would take me ages so even though bubba is not due until late june/early july i thought i would make a start on it now, turns out it came together a lot quicker than what i thought and i managed to get it finished yesterday, here are a couple of photos of the finished item and a close up of the patchwork and quilting, now of course i'm completely itching to give it to her LOL and to start on the next one, good job some yummy fabric dropped through the letterbox this morning LOL

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

parents evening, spider trauma and other bits and bobs LOL

was parents evening at work tonight, i don't normally stay but thought since i was on a late shift i had better LOL as it was it was quite good, had lots of parents and never stopped talking LOL i'm officially knackered though especially as i had a terrible nights sleep last night due to major spider trauma, i keep my handcream by the side of my bed and as i reached down for it last night a medium sized spider crawled out of my curtains and straight behind my bed :( it was after 11 so i couldn't get dad up for help so had to be brave and try and find it so the entire bed got pulled out as i went on the hunt, didn't find it though so just had to try to sleep, i did sleep but every little tickle i felt through the night woke me up as i was convicing myself the spider was walking on me LOL

really looking forward to the next couple of weekends, hitting a fabric shop nearby on saturday as well as booking my car in for a service and then the easter weekend it's the crop at holystone but we are having a 12 hour crop instead of the normal 6 hour one, don't know if i'll manage a whole 12 hours but i'll give it a go LOL then the weekend after we have the wedding to look forward to as well as a weekend away and i've found a fabric shop near where we are staying too LOL

Friday, 8 April 2011

it's friday !!!!!!

hurray LOL it's been an absolute scorcher today, so hot in fact that i ended up with burnt arms after sitting outside with the kids this afternoon, looking forward to the weekend, i've got a crop to go to and i might just have a wee peek at the fabric shop in camperdown while i'm at it :)

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

what happens

if you give 16 children 4 new digital cameras to explore today?????

well what happens is they take photos of anything that moves, anything that doesn't move, the floor, the sky, lights on the ceiling, themselves, their mouths, their noses and any other orrifice they can think of and by the end of the day they have drained 2 sets of brand new this morning batteries and taken nearly 1000 photos LOL

the trouble is the photos have to be deleted one at a time :o i'd got 2 cameras done before the nursery had a powercut so that's another 2 to do tomorrow LOL

Saturday, 2 April 2011

so of course.......

............the shop near me was closed !!!!! which was a bit annoying as they had a sign pasted to their door saying "we are at the arena" when their blog said that although they were at the arena the shop would still be open, hey ho, never mind i headed off into the wilds of rowlands gill to find the other shop, it's very nice up there, saw some gorgeous houses, lots of lovely daffodils and the woods were carpeted in some white flower, not snowdrops, something else. well anyway i finds my shop, the fat quarters and made my way into fabric heaven,it was jammed to the gills with tons of beautiful fabrics of all different patterns, threads, magazines, fabric dolls, bags etc etc but not only that there was a gorgeous window display, the shop was full of lush touches like an old fashioned silver cross dolls pram, vintage sewing machines, little cupboards and drawers that just drew you in and some lovely quilts up on the walls. i spent the first hour wondering around with my mouth, open in my element. there was a class going on and the ladies were very nice and chatty, the ladies working in the shop were lovely and never hurried me along, i ended up with two books and lots of gorgeous new fat quarters, now i just need to find somewhere to put it all LOL

i have made a start on my latest quilt which is a baby quilt for a girl at work, it's looking very nice even though i have only done 2 blocks at the minute, plan to do more tomorrow, see how it goes LOL

Friday, 1 April 2011

bad blogger

shitty week+early shifts=bad blogger :( sorry

to cheer myself up i have a weekend of fabric and photos planned, i've discovered 2 new fabric/quilting shops in the neighbourhood, one is near rowlands gill near the metro centr and the other is five minutes away from where i work :) so i'm planning on giving both of them a visit and if i have any money left i just might go to the pins and needles show at the arena in town, then if the weather behaves i'm off to look for things beginning with g to take photos of, thinking of gibside chapel as i've never been there:)