Sunday, 29 May 2011

a whole week.....................

...............without blogging, this is what happens when i'm on a late shift all week then have a 12 hour crop on a saturday LOL had such a fabulous time at the crop, i only managed 11 hours of it as i was knackered but i did manage 10 lo's, lunch, cake and a chinese takeaway LOL today i've been putting all the craft stuff away and having a jolly good sort of the craft room, had a bit of a reshuffle and a throw away and now i'm much happier with it (until the next time of course LOL) so tonight the plan is to get a wee bit pissed and chill out, mind you i really need a haircut so i might do that before i start on the alcohol LOL

Sunday, 22 May 2011

woo hoo

just been and booked myself a weekend away up in jedburgh and i'm going all on my lonesome as dad has the very important task of bowling to do LOL

a crafty weekend :)

i've really enjoyed my weekend of craftiness and have made a huge dent in my backlog of photos as well as getting some points for the team before the bloss got the whip out and started cracking it LOL here are some of the 14 layouts i've managed and i've still got another weekend to add to the points total :-)

this one is a scraplift of the cover layout of this months scrapbook magazine and i used the free papers that came with it too :) this one is a scraplift for the scraplift challenge in the scrapbook magazine, really loved the use of all the bits and pieces, it was great fun raiding all my odd bits of stash :-) this one is me challenging myself to use no patterned paper, all i used was embellishments and chipboard that i got with one of the sarahs cards kits, plus inspired by lou from the design team leaflet i sprayed, inked, painted and splodged to my hearts content LOL it's different to say the least LOL this one is of castlerigg stone circle near skiddaw in the lakes, i used the sarahs cards and gottacraft kits which were both crate paper restoration :) i did this one using the last quirky kit (next one due soon :-D) and my new martha stewart circle cut which i managed to slice my finger open on LOL never mind i find tim holtz tissue tape makes a good steri strip LOL this last one i used some of my my minds eye fine and dandy papers i've had lying around for a while and i made the flowers using my stampin up scallop punch and the petal shaper i got recently :) hope you've enjoyed, i'm off to play gardens of time on facebook now LOL some

Thursday, 19 May 2011

amazing !!!!

the only way to describe the quilt show at belsay hall today :-) i was blown away by the fabulous quilts, wall hangings, cushions and bags that the ladies of the north east region of the quilter guild had put on show, i took loads of photos and thought i might put a few on here, i was definitely inspired to have a go at more than just rectangles and squares, so watch this space LOL

this one might just be my favourite as i loved the colour combo and it's made from moda jelly rolls which i have :-) it's called sleeping under the shangri-la stars and is by angela mcintosh, i took lots of close ups of this one :-)
this is morning star quilt by linda durant and is a pattern i really fancy having a go at, love the colours in this one toothis one is called sugar and spice by audrey smith and started life as a cushion before growing into a quilt this is compass point by margo harryman, i totally loved this one, especially the way the quilting radiated out from the centre, just gorgeous
this is japenese flower garden by linda durrantthis is a wall hanging called autumn watch and is by diane cairns
this is baltimore blues by angela greaveson and is hand appliqued, hand quilted and embellishedthis one is called edna and is by jules kerry i'm so glad i went to the show, it was so inspiring and i also found out that there's a huge quilt and fabric show in harrogate in september so i think i might have to have a little visit down there armed with a bank loan for all the fabric i bring back LOL

Monday, 16 May 2011

here it is

the log cabin quilt in all it's glory, i really love it but have no idea of what to do with it or where it is for LOL i just need to stitch in the last few bits of thread and it will be totally done :)

i booked myself a couple of days off work today, so it's just a three day week for me, the plan is to have my own creative weekend, but on thursday i'm heading up to belsay hall to go to the quilt show up there, hope i can take piccies to inspire me LOL

Saturday, 14 May 2011

a quilting we will go

spent the day getting some more of my latest quilt blocks done because i needed the pins i had pinned them together with to baste my log cabin quilt LOL so i got them done and got the log cabin quilt all put together too, happy bunny :) tomorrow the plan is to get the bindings onto it and then i'll decide whether i want to quilt it some more :)

on a different note, we had hailstones this afternoon :o it got very dark and then down they came. they wer massive too so i grabbed the camera and took a couple of shots, it's gone really dark again now so i guess we're in for another downpour :) i do love the rain LOL

Sunday, 8 May 2011


all my troubles seemed so far away ................. no not that LOL actually yesterday i started a new quilt top, i've been waiting for ages for my wadding for the log cabin quilt to come so thought i'd start with the next one, this time i am using it's a hoot jelly roll and charm pack from moda. i've sewn the charm pack into half square triangles which i have then sewn back together to make a duo patterned square then i am adding a border to each square using the jelly roll, i had 3 blocks sewn together last night when i decided at 10 to midnight that i didn't like it and pulled them apart LOL over night i have decided on a different style and i am also going to have the square blocks positioned on the diagonal with half blocks at the end of each row to make it a rectangle :) really like it now and have spent the afternoon sewing :)

Monday, 2 May 2011

just a few............

..............of the photos i took this weekend :)

the best weekend !!!!

that's the only way to describe it as it was truly perfect, everything from the gorgeousness that is glenacre b&b, the food at the carters rest and the clock tower in jedburgh, the places we visited and of course the weather which has been so gorgeous i am a wee bit sunburned LOL i had a fabulous spend on gorgeous fabrics at borderlands fabric in jedburgh and can't wait to get started on the next project, i watched some really good dvd's too as i had forgotten to take my book with me so everynight after supper i had a glass or two of wine and watched a dvd :) now i just need to get the washing sorted and the photos edited then i'll be treating myself to a nice bottle of ginger beer and a few goodies with the leftover spendies LOL