Monday, 4 November 2013


.....after staying the same at fat club last week i upped the super free, ate lots of veg based meals and walked for miles and am chuffed to bits with a 6lb weight loss this week :-) so another half a pound and i've lost 2 stone in 10 weeks :-) has made me more determined to stay on track while on holiday in a couple of weeks time, no alcohol and lots of walking :-)

Sunday, 27 October 2013

just a few photos!

from my visits to the Washington Wetland Centre over the passed few weeks

Having lots of fun and taking loads of photos

talking to lots of nice people

and getting to know the names of some of the birds i'm seeing

so far it's rained every day i've been so i'm looking forward to seeing the place in the sunshine

it's also jolly good exercise as i do quite a bit of walking

so it's all helping with the weight loss malarkey

and i'm sleeping a lot better due to the copious amounts of fresh air

so it's all good :-)

Friday, 18 October 2013

Lots to tell this week!

I had a couple of days off work this week and determined not to waste it i took myself off out every single day, saturday i headed to Craster and was very proud of myself for walking at least three miles, to Dunstanburgh castle and back, around the castle and around Craster itself :-) treat myself to a kipper for lunch and a crab for tea, yum yum! Sunday i headed off to the wetland centre in Washington. Have to admit i was very dubious at first as it appeared to be in the middle of a trading estate, but once inside it's a proper little gem. Did lots more walking and feeding the birdies and spending time in the hides watching even more birdies. Had such a good time i decided to become a member and also got a couple of birdie books so i can start to identify said birdies LOL Monday i headed off to the roman army museum near Greenhead, followed by Vindolanda and fruit picking in Corbridge. It was a dreadful day weather wise but the further west i got the brighter the weather became, the only rain i saw was at Corbridge and meant i couldn't go fruit picking. Over the moon to have lost another two pounds this week, must have been all the walking i did cos i've had lunch out every day of my mini break. The last day of my time off i headed off to alnwick to do the garden and to go to barter books. Loved the poison garden tour and the serpentine garden and enjoyed a sausage sarnie in the sunshine before heading off to barter books. Here i discovered i'm a book snob and only like new books LOL these were all grubby and dirty so i came home with nothing!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Another week

Another loss, okay it was just a pound this week but it's still going in the right direction and i'm eating really well :-)

Got the weekend and mon and tues next week all planned cos i've got a couple of days off so i'm taking myself off for some nice days out up the coast and into the countryside :-)

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Another week

And another loss :-) quite happy with my two pound loss this week, it's what i'm aiming for every week between now and christmas because that will take me back down to my seven and a half stone loss :-) plus i was slimmer of the month :-) so i got a holographic sticker for my book and another certificate :-)

Monday, 23 September 2013

Week 2

And i lost four pounds :-) very happy as that means i've lost a stone and half a pound in two weeks :-) i know it will slow down now but i'm hoping that i can manage two pounds a week so i'll be back to my 7 stone total by christmas :-)

Monday, 16 September 2013

First weigh in

On the renewed diet programme and i was totally gobsmacked to have lost 10.5lbs :-) was chuffed to bits, everyone was so pleased for me and i got a huge hug off the lovely trish the consultant. So i am aiming for 3.5lbs off next week to get my stone award :-)

Sunday, 15 September 2013

long time no blog

and a lot has happened since i last blogged! we had a lovely holiday in Leuchars, gorgeous weather, great cottage and fabulous food but just before we went away i noticed a lump in my calf and a very inflammed vein at the top of my thigh, it got worse while we were away so ended up at the doctors who diagnosed phlebitis and cellulitis and put me on antibiotics. due to my being allergic to penicillin i had to have erythromicin which counter acted with my cholesterol medicine and anti depressants so had to come off them. well after five weeks of antibiotics, 9 visits to various doctors, a&e and the walk in centre someone decided to do a blood test which came back, no infection, i had a blood clot in my calf! so since the end of june i've been on warfarin :-( work has been it's usual understanding self!!! so stress has been building up and i've been getting more and more anxious. we then had another holiday away, right up to the moray firth which was lovely but because i was feeling so stressed i spent most of the time worrying about work :-( if it hadnt have been for the fact i was meeting a friend i've been chatting to online for years on the friday evening we would have been home on the thursday. anyway i've had to go back onto the anti depressants which i'm rather sad about and i have to stay on the warfarin until the end of october but i have made one positive descision and thats to go back to slimming world. went back on monday as i've put 3 1/2 of the 7 stone i had lost back on and i wasnt letting it get any more. so lets see how things go

Sunday, 2 June 2013

That didn't last long

Dad put my pedometer in the washing machine! It's lovely and clean but it doesn't work anymore :-(  Bugger! Will have to buy a new one next week.

Had a bit of a spending weekend after i trooped off to IKEA yesterday. I hate IKEA with a passion but had seen something on facebook and thought i want some of them so i had to brave it. Well i went in for two things and £122 later i staggered home with a boot full of stuff LOL must admit though my craft room desk looks fabulous :-)

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Having a fantastic weekend

So far :-) the weather has been wonderful, our hotels have been lovely and we have visited two amazing attractions, yesterday was Magna in Rotherham where according to my pedometer I walked over seven and a half miles :-0 Today was the National Coal mining museum near Wakefield which was fascinating. You get to go down the mine in the old cage, 500ft down which is almost the height of Blackpool tower! Was really worried about it but thanks to our lovely guide and the other guys around the pit head who explained all about the lift shaft and the cage it was an absolute doddle and I thoroughly enjoyed it :-) staying near Wakefield tonight before heading to the royal armouries in Leeds tomorrow before home :-)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

A great time

Was had at the craft for at Nissan this morning, I spent an absolute fortune but so what it's only money and I can't take it with me :-) I also walked another 4000+ steps so earned myself some activity points! I bought myself a ww pedometer yesterday and thought there is no way I'll walk the amount of steps I need to do but I have :-) going to keep it on all the time just to see how many I can manage! Lost another pound yesterday which I was pleased about so I've lost 87lbs in total now :-) won't be there next week as we are away but I will weigh in before we go to see how I'm doing :-)

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Weekend news

Was up really early this morning, thought I'd come back to bed for half an hour and of course I've just woke op LOL lost another three pounds last week taking me to 86lbs gone now :-) nearly back to where I was :-) been scrapping lots this weekend and plan to get at least a couple more done today. Have decided I'm heading off to the craft show at Nissan next Sunday, haven't been for ages and I'll have been paid by then so I'll be able to afford a wee spend! Of course I must remember that the tunnel is £1.60 now as I'm always thinking it's £1.40 and not having enough money with me LOL

hope you have all had a lovely weekend whatever you have been up to :-)

Friday, 10 May 2013

Poorly me :-(

Still battling this rotten cough and cold but have made it worse by hurting my back while coughing :-( can't bend over and it hurts when i breathe and i need chocolate to make me all better LOL  had to take a half day annual leave today cos i was no good at work, couldn't pick any of the kids up or put anything on the floor :-( but i made the most of it by taking myself up to the craft room and getting some scrapping done :-) theres also a blog event going on over the weekend so will be doing a few bits of that tonight and after fat club tomorrow :-)

Monday, 6 May 2013

Busy day today

Was up early cos i cannot breathe properly with this stupid cold :-( by ten o'clock i had two lo's done :-) did a few more then decided it was hair dye time, i had cut it yesterday so put my vibrant red hair dye on, well a disaster occurred cos it coloured the roots but not the black bits left over from my last hair dyeing session. So we ran along to Boots and dad went in and got me another black hair dye as a last resort but i didn't really want to go back to black, so i got home and decided to chop it ultra short which is what i did, it's very short but my hair grows quite fast so in a month or so it should be fine :-)

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Very chuffed

To have lost seven pounds this week so i'm well on my way to losing what i had put on, onwards and downwards i go :-)

Off to see Eddie Izzard at the arena tonight and it's national scrapbooking day so going to haul my ass up to the craft room and get a few bits and bobs done, got the rest of the weekend to play too, especially with my glorious haul of paper stacks i purchased at tk maxx this morning :-) they normally have nowt in when i go but not today and since dad's out i can get them hidden upstairs before he's any the wiser LOL

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

I know

It's only three days in but i am really enjoying my new weight watchers diet, have been very good so i am hoping for a nice result on saturday morning. The only trouble i'm having is the amount of toilet visits i'm having LOL was up 5 times through the night for a wee !!!!! So i was exhausted this morning when it was time to get up. Am thoroughly enjoying my lunches of a bagel with cheese spread, salad and smoked salmon with a pile of fruit and tomatoes and have made something from scratch every night for my tea :-)

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Day two

And another good day, porridge and fruit and yoghurt for breakfast again, loved my lunch which was a ww bagel with smoked salmon and cheese spread with salad, tomatoes and various fruit and tea was turkey steak, red cabbage, green cabbage, mushrooms, carrots and swede :-) plenty of water to drink too! Just need to plan tomorrows menu now :-)

Monday, 29 April 2013

Day one

Had a very good day today, i had porridge, fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, a pitta and hummus and fruit for lunch and smoked cod and a pile of veggies for tea. Still have seven points to spend to reach the minimum for a day so think i might have a bit of pudding and maybe a choccy biscuit later on :-)

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Off i go

To rejoin fat club this morning, really need to get back on it so i don't end up putting all the weight back on. So i'm off to rejoin weight watchers and i'm going to give it a proper go this time, not just playing at it! Wish me luck!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Home again home again!

Had a really lovely time, the gig was fab though i ended up moving seats twice because of rude people who just wouldn't stop talking throughout the entire thing! Why pay that much for a ticket to hold a shouted conversation throughout. Ended up right at the back where i had to watch the concert on the big screen but at least i could hear it! Sheffield arena is huge, holding about 3000 more people than the metro radio arena, so the needed the big screens up otherwise meatloaf looked about an inch tall on the stage LOL The hotel was really nice and did a great breakfast, and there are lots of places i could quite fancy visiting down there so i can see a long weekend ahead where i just might go back.

Am totally exhausted now though. It was obviously national nutters on the road day, i lost count of the amount of near misses with people who obviously don't use there mirrors at all!

Took loads of photos as i was at a wildlife park before the gig and took quite a few at the gig too :-) will get them onto the laptop so i can show you all :-)

Ooh forgot to add i had a wee visit to art from the heart on the way home :-) all the dylusional ink sprays fell into my basket as well as some distress inkpads and a few other bits and bobs :-) luckily dad is out so i can get them into the craft room without him knowing LOL

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Keeping everything crossed

That the Meat Loaf gig goes ahead on friday night, the band have been unwell and sunday nights gig in Nottingham and tonights gig in Manchester have been cancelled! They are pretty sure that friday nights gig will go ahead. I hope so otherwise i'm taking a day off and driving down to sheffield for nowt LOL well not for nowt! I'm going to the wildlife and butterfly house on the friday then heading to art from the heart on the saturday :-) have a budget in mind but whether i'll stick to it LOL have my eye on the full set of dylusions ink sprays :-)

Friday, 12 April 2013

Good job

It's payday on monday, cos i've just booked myself a night in the travelodge in sheffield, a day off work and a ticket to see Meat Loaf again at his show there :-) am ridiculously excited again even though i think i'll be right at the back. Hoping i might be able to dance this time though LOL

Saturday, 6 April 2013

awesome evening

didn't take many photo's last night as i was too busy dancing and singing along to mr marvin lee aday aka meat loaf! it was a completely awesome evening as he put his heart and soul into the performance and the second half was even more magical as the hairs on the back of my neck stood up as 11000 people sang along with him for the entire bat out of hell record :-) so glad i got myself a ticket, might have cost me a fortune by the time you add on taxi fares, £4 for a weeny bottle of blue wkd, a programme, tee-shirt and signed photo but it was so worth it!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Excited Much!

Tonight is the opening night of Meat Loaf's farewell tour starting at the metro radio arena in newcastle and i just happen to have myself a ticket to go :-) i am ever so slightly excited (read hyper!)   Haven't been to see him for ages but can't wait for tonight! Taxi booked and after the concert i'm going to walk along to the station to get a taxi back from there rather than standing around on my own outside the arena, or jostling with the crowd trying to find my taxi. Show starts at 8, god knows how excited i'll be by then.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Had a really lovely day

Shopping, drinking coffee and chatting with friends today! Went along to the silverlink and bumped into an old friend going into Marks and Spencer's so we went into the coffee shop for a chat! Then treat myself to some pretty roses to brighten up the room cos it's such a horrid cold dark day! Had a wander around pc world and just because I ended up buying myself an iPad mini :-) when I got home my canvas from our photo shoot had arrived as well as an order from Sarah's Cards and my photo book from Snapfish :-)  and since I had bought some new frames I got quite a few prints framed. This afternoon and evening has been spent catching up with friends on Facebook, drinking wine and catching up with telly I'd sky+'d :-) so all in all a rather lovely day. Tomorrow I must unpack from the retreat and try and get my craft room in some kind of order LOL

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Fantastic time

Had by all i think at the last (for now) sarahs cards retreat :-) have done 15 lo's so far with another class to go and a bit of time after lunch to do some more but i think i'm kind of done, i'm shopped out, scrapped out and tired, think i should probably have had less time in the lakes and a bit more time at home before this weekend! Never mind, will be heading back up the motorway about 3:30ish, bottle of wine waiting for me at home before the dreaded return to work tomorrow!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

All over

Bar the driving home! Had a lovely time even though it's been bloomin freezing! So it's the long drive back up the m6 and along the a69 tomorrow only to do it all again on friday cos it's sarahs cards retreat time!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hate two faced people!

If you have a problem with me say it to my face not running around behind my back talking to everyone who will listen! Oh and while your at it make sure you're perfect yourself  before you start to criticise me!  Cos i might just have as much to say about you but had been polite enough to shut up!
Rant over!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Not impressed

With the three inches of snow i woke up to this morning and the fact it's still snowing very heavily! Scuppers the plans of heading out to buy myself a new pair of jeans for tomorrows photoshoot and to get a birthday cake and balloon up to the baltic for dad's meal tonight. Will also have to rethink the outfit choice for this evening, was going to wear what i wore for ceri's party but think i might just be going with jeans and boots! And if it hasn't gone by tomorrow it looks like the photoshoot will be in coats and hats!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A bit early but


Have bought him banners, balloons, presents and cake, he has loads of cards after i told my friends how he only ever gets three cards all off me and they all started sending him cards :-) we are going to 6@the baltic for a meal on saturday night and then on sunday we are having a photo shoot up at the baltic followed by lunch at the pitcher and piano :-) am so excited about the mini photo shoot and if the photos are lush i just might book another one in the summer down in jesmond dene :-)

Saturday, 16 February 2013

A trip to the metro centre

Thought i'd tootle off up there today to see if i could get anything nice to wear for ceri's 40th party tonight. Can you imagine how thrilled i was to discover there are now three fat lady shops :-) so of course i bought something in each of them! Also managed to resist all manner of temptation thrown at me from the cookie, pancake, pretzel, waffle, cup cake, donut, sweetie, milkshake etc etc etc shops and carts that seem to have sprung up, settling instead for a cup of black coffee! So i now have at least five outfits to choose from for tonight and you can just bet i'll end up going in my good old jeans LOL

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Not a great weekend

Dad not well but won't go to the doctors and my depression is rearing it's ugly head again. Cannot remember the last time i slept properly, and not knowing what's going to happen with my job isn't helping. Roll on tomorrow when we might get to know something.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Completely unexpected

But somehow i managed to lose 4lbs this week taking me to 90lbs gone since january last year :-) might have to eat sweets and crisps at the cinema more often LOL

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

And just to make things worse

We find out today that the meeting scheduled for tomorrow to let us know what is happening with the restructure and our jobs is not going ahead and we have to wait until next tuesday instead! Great more sleepless nights and feeling sick to look forward to :-(

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Les miserables!

Well since the snow has all but disappeared i decided to take myself off to go and see les mis at the cinema. I absolutely adore the music from the stage show and have practically worn out my 10th anniversary original cast dvd and know the songs word for word! Have to admit for the first hour and a bit i was a little disappointed. Who knew Russell Crowe had such a good voice but i think Hugh Jackman might have had a bit of help especially on "Bring him home". I thought Sasha Baron Cohen ruined the part of Thernardier with his crap accent. But the second all the young students started to sing together on "Red" and "Do you here the people sing" i loved it! And yes i need copious amounts of tissues at the end LOL I think i want to go and see it again just to be on the safe side!

Of course since i came home i haven't stopped singing the songs so i decided it was time to watch the 25th anniversary dvd again and i've booked tickets for me and dad (who decided he wanted to come and see it cos i've never shut up about it since i got home) to go and see it tomorrow :-)

Saturday, 26 January 2013


Looks like the snow might be on it's way :-) it's thawing quite nicely here! Good as i need to go out tomorrow, need to go to the silverlink and while i'm there i might just head off to the cinema to go and see les mis!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Full blown panic mode

The company i work for needs to make massive savings and my dept have just been told we are to undergo restructure. We find out next weds but one scenario is we are all dismissed and have to reapply for our jobs with different terms and conditions. Another is they sell off this branch of the company. Absolutely in full blown panic mode. At least i'm not in as much debt as i thought i was, so that's a bit less of a worry, but really have no idea how i will manage on £71 a week jobseekers allowance if the worst comes to the worst! Just wish next weds was here and i knew just what kind of boat i'm going to be in

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Effing snow

Now it's no secret that i hate snow, so to wake up this morning to it still snowing after the five+ inches we got yesterday is just ridiculous! I have no idea how i'm supposed to get to work on monday, am pretty sure Asda will cancel our shopping delivery and i'm supposed to be going out to get my nails done so i could really have done without this! God knows what we'll end up eating if Asda! don't come through!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Long time no blog

To be honest i got bored with the whole blogger thing but i did find some bits of it useful, like my list of books i read (52 in 2012) so since i'm back reading again, i thought i'd use this again. Plus there is a photography scavenger hunt starting up over on uks so i might need to blog my photos :-)