Sunday, 31 October 2010

an excellent night

last night at b's house, since it was halloween i had suggested dressing up so i wore my devil costume again with the addition of gloves, a wig and the plan was for gruesome make up, well the taxi was coming at 6:45 and at 6:15 i still couldn't find my make up bag (shows you how often i wear it) so in desperation i runs upstairs to the craft room, has a quick read of the paint dabber labels to make sure they were non toxic and uses them instead LOL it wasn't until they were all over my face that i realised they were acrylic paints and not the watercolours i thought they were but hey ho too late now LOL we had a fabulous time, b had the house all decorated had put on nibbles and made vodka jellies so after that and a few glasses of wine everyone was very happy :) i'm sure the ladies won't mind me showing you a piccie of us all so here you go- the dream team parties LOL

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

sick sick sick

of coughing and it's only 2 weeks into the autumn/winter season, have even resorted to taking the antibiotics i got prescribed. never mind it's only 9 days to my holidays and oh boy am i looking forward to them :)

and i do love it when a plan comes together LOL booked tickets to go over to mull from oban when we are away :) then booked us in to a rather nice fish restaurant over looking the harbour for something special when we get off the ferry then it'll be back to the van for wine and reading :) sounds like a good day planned already LOL

Sunday, 24 October 2010

hello stranger

met up with mel for the first time in 14 years today, it was so lovely to see her, we had a quick catch up then went out for lunch where we laughed lots and caught up more, then it was back to my house for more catching up and some photo's to mark the occaision, have made her promise that it won't be another 14 years before we have lunch again LOL and it the old saying of "laughter is the best medicine" is so true as seeing her and having such a lovely time has made me feel so much better even if i am sneezing like billyo now LOL

Saturday, 23 October 2010

missed the crop

as my chest is so bad, lots of wheezing and coughing but i am determined to be better for tomorrow as i'm meeting mel for lunch, many moons ago when i trained to be a nursery nurse mel and i were best buddies, i was matron of honour at her wedding and for a while after we were really close, but life gets in the way, she was living in manchester, and along came two littlies and gradually we lost touch, until a month or so ago when i decided to see if i could find her on facebook :) now she's coming up to visit her family for the weekend so we are meeting up for lunch :) i am so looking forward to it, i reckon we haven't seen each other or spoken in 13 or 14 years so i am really excited to see her again, so even if i'm attached to an oxygen mask i'll be there tomorrow at 12:30 :D

Thursday, 21 October 2010

how did it get to be thursday already

it was monday just two minutes ago or so it feels LOL been feeling lousy for the past couple of days, luckily though i started taking my steroid inhaler a couple of weeks ago to get it back into my system and as soon as the cold weather started my chest flared up again, i'm glad i started taking the inhaler again when i did :) can't wait for the weekend, it's crop time on saturday then on sunday there's a chance i get to meet up with a long lost pal, we were such good friends back in the 80's and 90's but gradually lost touch, i looked her up on facebook and we are hoping to get together for lunch on sunday :)

Sunday, 17 October 2010

just fancy

getting completely rat arsed LOL but i have to get up for work tomorrow and i'm getting far too old to inflict a hangover on myself LOL will make do with a nice bottle of spring oak leaf wine form cairn o mohr :D mmmmmm delicous LOL

Saturday, 16 October 2010

oh i do like a weekend.......

........where for once all the plans i made actually happen, i got a long lie in thanks to a pair of earplugs so i didn't hear the builders, i got some reading done this morning, then this afternoon i got birthday cards made for my uks teamies and 6 more lo's done in my june holiday album, only 12 to go LOL so with any luck i might have it finished before the next holiday LOL this evenings plan includes catching up with things i've sky plused, eating chocolate tasting club chocolates and drinking cairn o mohr spring oak leaf wine :D then tomorrow i hope to be doing much the same thing as today as well as giving myself a haircut LOL

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

den building, doom and gloom and a plan comes together

spent the day building a willow den with the kids, our willow tunnels were getting out of hand so i took the loppers to them and cut all the excess off and used that to make a den, the kids held strip all the leaves off and lots of fun was had with willow leaves and bits of wood LOL it's a rather lopsided teepee shaped den and it needs a bit of strengthening but i'm sure the kids will love it once it's finished, thet were all for playing in it when it was 4 sticks and a bit of wool LOL

then the doom and gloom started about us maybe/possibly/might be losing our jobs, get fed up with the doom and gloom to be honest and really wish that wasn't all we get to hear all of the time, it's all speculation anyway until the government announces it's spending review results, so why worry about something that hasn't happened yet.

and i got the phone call i was waiting for last night and my plans for a weekend away at the end of the month are set, we're staying at glenacre again and the plan is to drive up to just passed dalkeith and park in the park and ride and get the bus into edinburgh and go to the xmas market in princes street gardens :D might get a bit of xmas shopping done too, and sunday, well i'll think of something to do on the sunday later LOL

and just wanted to say i am so glad to hear that the chilean miners are finally being rescued, a true miracle after so long underground

Sunday, 10 October 2010

a lovely weekend

have had a lovely weekend, yesterday was the frozen north crop which was lovely and i managed 7 lo's then today due to the builders at the school starting again at 7:30 i got up and did the weekly challenge over on uks, am quite detrmined to do much better with my points this month after my dismal total last month LOL especially as next month will probably be very low points too as we have a holiday and i'm still waiting to hear from glenacre about our xmas shopping weekend, reckon they must be away on holiday as i have sent two emails and have phoned and there's been no answer, will try again later in the week if needs be :)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

hard day at work

but all my woes were blown away cos i had tea out with the team, my bunch of best buds who never fail to raise my spirits and make me feel all warm and fuzzy again, we just laugh so much, we can cry if we need to, we moan and generally put the world to rights, and tonight it was all helped down by a rather delicous and generous carvery, and to top it all we have arranged a hallowe'en night in complete with dressing up, so looking forward to it :) and thanks v, b and c you made me a happy bunny again :)

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

two faced people

make me mad, two faced friends even more so :( nuff said :(

Saturday, 2 October 2010


decided this afternoon would be dedicated to giving the craft room a bit of a tidy up, well it sorted morphed into a mammoth throw out and i am so glad i did it, ok i might have decided 2/3rds of my papers needed to be thrown away (well not actually thrown away, i'm going to take them in for the kids to demolish at work next week LOL, they might last a week or two LOL) but since they have gone i am feeling so much happier about my stash, i feel like i'm just having a wee paddle in the stash lake instead of completely drowning in it and i discovered some beautiful stash i had forgotten i had :) so i then made some pretty things with the sea glass i found on the beach at largs, even though dad had pronounced it as trash when i was picking it up he had to admit the things i have made are lovely, can't really tell you what they are, as i've made them as presents but i will take photos and when they have gone out i will have a show and tell :)

Friday, 1 October 2010

thank goodness

that week is over, feeling stressed and tired and i still didn't manage to get the extra jobs i'd had piled on me finished, but sod it, it's the weekend and i reckon it's time for wine and chocolate LOL