Friday, 31 December 2010

challenge 2011

well two challenges actually LOL i've signed up to do a mini book a month and to do an alphabetical photography challenge :D the mini book a month thing is simply that, i will learn how to make 12 different mini books over the next 12 months, chatting about them and showing off our finished mini books on uks and on this blog, the photography challenge is to go out and about and take photos of things starting with letters of the alphabet, so the first two weeks will be a, the next two weeks b etc etc, already have a and b planned it should get interesting when it gets to q and x though LOL actually thought i could take tanner the monkey along with me so he can get into a few of the photos LOL

bandaged up on the ankle again after twisting it really badly when i took dad over to wallsend yesterday :( it's very sore and i have no idea how i managed to get us home apart from gritting my teeth and trying to block out the pain :(

on a happier note i have booked us into glenacre up near jedburgh again for a nice long weekend, the one of the royal wedding LOL plan is to watch the wedding then head up there for the weekend, another holiday to look forward to LOL

Thursday, 30 December 2010

introducing ....................

............... TANNER !!!!!! my new monkey :) ain't he cute? well i think so LOL and what do you think of his outfit, super cute or what ?LOL? he has a few changes of clothes and no doubt he will be getting more when i see them in the sales, he is my new travelling monkey so he will be coming on holiday with us and having his photo taken and getting up to lots of adventures LOL and don't worry i already know i'm a complete nutter LOL

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

it hurts..........again :(

the ankle was healing nicely especially over the past few days as i have been resting it lots but it's now killing again and i'm back in a bandage :( what the hell was i doing you may wander?????? erm putting my knickers on LOL must have twisted it the wrong way and now i'm back to square one :( knew i should have continued to slob in my pj's LOL

Monday, 27 December 2010

he came, we got presents, we ate............................

................that more or less sums up the xmas in our household LOL we had a lovely day, lunch was delicous, the alcohol was good and the chocolates.............well there just doesn't seem to be any dent being made in the chocolates LOL why on earth we bought so much i do not know LOL

well onwards towards the new year and my birthday, no scrapping has been done as i'm spending the daylight hours reading and the dark hours playing some of the games i got for my computer :D one thing i have managed to do is to finish my patchwork quilt :D got the binding on today and all sewn up so it's all done, if the weather is okay tomorrow i'm going to hang it on the line to get a nice photo of it to show everyone then i might just have to launch into one for dad's bedroom :)

booked the black door for my birthday meal out, have a animal from the muppets birthday cake ordered from asda then on the friday i might just have to go out and treat myself to a new sofa and chairs!!!!! well we're going to have a looksie in the sales anyway

Friday, 24 December 2010

all done for another year :)

i'm home from work, the cupboards are stuffed with as many forms of confectionary as possible, the turkey is cooking and the presents are wrapped (well they're not actually as we are not wrapping this year we are recycling gift bags to be environmentally friendly :D) all that is required now is copious amounts of alcohol and a take away and christmas will have started LOL

i hope everyone has a wonderful christmas and santa brings lots of nice things :)

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

the worrying story of santa's beard

or how a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds can get themselves in a panic after finding some white fluff on the floor at nursery this morning LOL they finds a lump of white fluff and someone decided it was a bit of santas beard, they then discussed why santa might have lost a bit of his beard when he was at nursery last week and why hadn't they found it sooner, speculation was rife that santa had lost a bit of his beard because he wasn't well so panic set in that santa would not be available to deliver presents for christmas LOL so i spent the morning trying to reassure a bunch of panic stricken children that santa was fine and he didn't get poorly and of course the presents would be there LOL they calmed down a bit but i'm sure they were still thinking santa wasn't coming :( so imagine the relief all round when 4 year old O discovered the white fluff was actually half a pompom from an old dressy up hat LOL calmness was restored and all is well in the world LOL

don't ya just love pre-schoolers LOL

Sunday, 19 December 2010

48 hours later

and i'm feeling okay, still a bit stiff and sore when i get up in the morning but i don't seem to be limping any more and the ankle only hurts when i point my toes or turn my ankle to the left so i'll be at work tomorrow, five more working days then i'm off until the 4th of january then i'm only in for two days as i have my birthday and the day after off as well :)

did some scrapping this morning while waiting for dad to get the lunch done, cos he was out late last night he sleot in so the lamb didn't go in until after 10am LOL i was all prepared to upload them but can i as hell find the camera cable LOL i know exactly where it is, it's attached to my big camera, it's the big camera i can't find :lol:

and having escaped the snow for the weekend and most of the day, it's coming down now, hope it goes away very soon and that asda can get through tomorrow or i'll have to go shopping again :(

Friday, 17 December 2010

dancing on ice???

no, slipping and falling on ones arse on ice more like it :( putting the toys out at work this morning i slipped on the iced up soft play surface and went flying, really hurting my knee and ankle, as the morning wore on the ankle got more and more swollen and painful so ended up at the minor injuries clinic this afternoon, had a very good examination and it appears i have a sprained ankle which is now bandaged up, the nurse also said that because of the way i fell i may find my other leg is very sore tomorrow too where i have stretched and torn the muscles :( so that makes me pretty much immobile for the weekend :( the nurse at the clinic was really funny, i told her how i had done it and she laughed saying, "come on you were pissed and dancing and don't remember how you did it " LOL

so i'm being waited on my dad, am in my pj's, have my foot elevated and am bandaged up to my knee LOL

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

oh yes it is oh no it isn't LOL

went to a panto with the kids from work today, we decided that because the paths were still so icy we would get the bus, which of course the kids love :) we got right to the front of the audience and because there were mats on the floor we sat on those with the kids sat around us, it was lovely cos we were right on hand for reassurance and cuddles if needed but we also got to see the kiddies faces as they became totally engrossed in the panto, they were so well behaved and only once did anyone want to got to the toilet, something that is totally unheard of on our trips, we usually have to visit the toilets everywhere we go LOL, two hours flew by and apart from one who didn't like it and needed lots of cuddles the rest completely enjoyed it and have talked about nothing else but the panto all day :)

don't say this very often, but today was a lovely day at work and is the reason why i do the job i do, seeing little ones have a lovely time :)

Saturday, 11 December 2010

a busy weekend

but a really nice one,

dad has been behaving himself and is even going to go out for a drink tomorrow night so he must be feeling better, i think the fact that the snow has all gone in the street has helped him relax as he is no longer worried about falling over and is no longer worried about me driving in it :) very early this morning the post man delivered my super duper waterproof muck boots, of course they came today, i don't need them LOL they are fabulous, very chunky, with great grips and really warm and comfortable, only trouble i forsee is not being able to drive in them but they'll be fab for being in the yard at work, then we had a couple of xmas cards, one from tom and sarah at glenacre and the other from joyce and barrie, a couple we met on holiday years ago in cyprus, they were a lovely couple and were very kind to dad and we have stayed in touch ever since, it was so lovely to hear from them and to hear they have fulfilled their dream of emigrating to cyprus :)

made a few xmas cards and got them wrote out, will have to make a few more or maybe i'll just order a few from asda LOL the plan for tomorrow is to get some scrapping done, i like the look of the challenge over on uks and the sketch challenge over on sarahs cards and i really need to get some points on the boards to help the team this month :)

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

clean(ish) bill of health

after many many tests today, long spells of waiting around for test results, getting lost on the way back from the x-ray department and chatting about books with the bored doctor on the ambulatory care ward, dad got a cleanish bill of health, his heart rate and bp had returned to normal and the irregular heart beat had gone and apart from a bit of a chest infection he is fine, he is under strict instructions to slow down but come on let's be honest, that just ain't going to happen is it LOL

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

an unexpected visit to A&E

this morning when dad started to feel dizzy just as i was getting ready for work, made him sit down and he had gone as white as a sheet and when he started to slurr his words and drift in and out of consciousness i rang for an ambulance, took nearly all morning before we saw a doctor who knew what they were doing (ie the consultant) who was concerned about his fast and irregular heartbeat, so he was transferred to the rapid assessment and treatment unit where they gave him some lunch and kept taking his bp which was beginning to get back to normal, they gave him a beta blocker and another ecg and he has to go back tomorrow for more tests, thankfully work was very sympathetic as i am not going back tomorrow until he is sorted, hope i can take unpaid leave though for the days off as i want to save my holidays for next year

on the plus side my canvas i ordered has arrived and it's lush :D

Sunday, 5 December 2010

been having another wee spend LOL

i totally love this photo i took of dad and i at the viewpoint at the glencoe visitors centre when we were away in november, we had such a laugh trying to get a decent shot of us both and i love the way it turned out, so i decided as a treat to myself i would like it blown up and printed on to canvas, so i had a nose at a few sites online, not realising how much it would actually cost LOL i came across a site that had a special offer on so i'm getting it printed 23.5 inches by 16.5 inches for £35 including delivery which i thought was pretty good as most of the other sites were that price for a 16" by 12", thought it might look nice above the fireplace in the living room :D

dare i say it....................

................but it looks like it's beginning to thaw!!!!!! i hope so, we went out to fill the screen wash in my car and replace the car mats with the new ones i bought during our essentials shop yesterday (wine, de-icer, carmats and jack daniels LOL) and there is a definite thaw going on, it's very very slow at the moment and it will take ages to get rid of the mountains of snow on the paths but when i cleared outside our front door the compacted snow and ice came up quite easily, fingers, toes and everything else crossed that it continues LOL

Friday, 3 December 2010

thank goodness for the weekend

it's been a hell of a week getting to and from work, i ended up getting a taxi to work yesterday but braved the car again today, getting to work has been the worst cos the roads aren't too bad on the way home, well apart from our street which seems to have become a parking space for idiots, on the way to work this morning some fool was parked right across the entrance to the street and was just sitting there :o stupid arse LOL

any hoo the car is parked up until monday morning, and i refuse to think about it until then, we are going to go to tescos tomorrow to get a few essentials in just in case asda don't deliver again, then i think i'll try and get some of the cyber crop on uks scrappers done and i want to get the rest of the decorations up too, busy weekend planned

well it must be wine o clock so i'm away to open a nice bottle of red :)