Sunday, 23 August 2009

oh what a night

after having such a fabulous time yesterday at the crop, doing some shopping, managing five lo's and have a lovely chat, i ordered myself some supper and opened a bottle of wine for a nice relaxing night, the next thing it's 10:15pm and there's someone hammering on the door, thinking it was dad and i had locked the door i opens it to be faced with the next door neighbour(henceforth to be known as the fucking bastard or fb)screaming in my face because he couldn't get his car parked outside his door because i was parking over the road (outside the house of someone who is away this weekend!!!!!! go figure) and someone had parked in his space so now he had to park in the water and i should be parking in the water like him, after i had got over the shock i tried to show him that it is not the water stopping me parking outside my house but the five inch deep pothole that is only outside my house, i also pointed out that since i pay my road tax i can actually park where the hell i like. i have never been yelled at like that by anyone before he then started on dad who had just got back from the club yelling how much of a disgrace i was and i should park outside my house, at the finish we just walked away from him and left him yelling and screaming!!!!! during this time he had his finger pointing and wagging right in my face and i had to hold my hands out in front of me to keep him away from me

i am a wreck this morning after churning about it all night and i am in two minds about calling the police and reporting him for assault. i have seen many a tantrum in my life but usually from a two year old but never from a 72 year old who throws his toys out of his pram because someone has parked where he parks!!!!!

jesus !!! the sooner this water malarkey gets sorted out the better and roll on eary sat morning so we can fuck off away from it all for a week

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