Wednesday, 9 December 2009

laugh til we cry LOL

met up with v and b for tea tonight and as usual we laughed so much we ended up with tears streaming down our faces and gasping for breath, i love those two so much, being with them never fails to put me in the best of moods, we exchanged xmas pressies and swore that this was the last year we buy for each other LOL

my cough is getting really bad, had a coughing fit at work this afternoon, think l was really worried that she was going to have to get help but once the crap was up i was ok, mind you i think i might be needing a trip to the doctors to get the usual antibiotics :(

good news xmas shifts wise though, looks like i might be off the week before xmas as i am definately off on xmas eve which i'm a happy bunny about

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