Monday, 19 October 2009

better news

dad is on the mend, he is still in hospital but has been taken off the oxygen as his oxygen levels in his blood are fine, he still gets a wee bit breathless but his inhalers are making it better so if he continues to improve and keeps off the oxygen tonight he can come home tomorrow YEAH!!! he promises he will keep off the cigarettes and this time i hope he means it because next time he has a flare up he might not make it,

he has joined a research study to be a guinea pig LOL he will be seen by a doctor on discharge,and then 3 monthly interval for a year, it's supposedly going to help develop new treatments for people with copd,

well now that he is on the mend i might actually get a bit of sleep tonight cos when he comes home i'll be lying awake listening for his breathing LOL

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