Wednesday, 28 July 2010

it always amazes me

how much fun you can have with two pensioners and a hanger on LOL J,B and C will understand LOL went out for tea to a new pub with three great friends and oh boy did we have a laugh, those ladies are just what i need after a day at work :) then finally got to see inside of C's gorgeous caravan, no wonder it's her pride and joy :) planning on an early night in bed as i am so tired and i keep having to retype my words as i keep hitting the wrong buttons (thank the lord for spell check LOL), so off to dream land i go and tonight i hope i don't dream about work, my old workplace or spiders which seem to have been dominating my night time slumbers recently :(

Sunday, 25 July 2010

and here's a few more

only 7 more lo's to do and i will have finished my march album

photos LOL

finally got round to taking photos of the lo's i've done recently so here they are LOL

Saturday, 24 July 2010

another day of scrapping

went to the holystone crop today and had a really lovely time, i managed five lo's for the march album so that will almost be complete now, then i need to get my july holiday photos printed out, planning on making a mini album of the sneaky weekend getaway LOL

tonight i plan to drink wine, eat chocolate, maybe ice cream amd definitely have a takeaway LOL that's what weekends are for LOL

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

ooh err mrs

i've booked a weekend away LOL was just fancying a weekend break even though i've only been back from my holidays for 3 weeks, so whilst perusing t'internet i happened to come across the visit scotland website accomodation page and found some nice places to look at, decided i wanted to stay near jedburgh as i could get up there in an hour and a half after work, so had a look at places near there, couldn't get any lodge or caravan sites as they were all fully booked but discovered a fantastic b&b just off the a68 that has rooms available so i had a closer look then decided sod it and just booked it LOL really looking forward to it :)

forgot to mention we had a little thunderstorm last night so i had to get up to watch it LOL it was a tad disappointing as there was only 2 flashes of lightning and i was about to give it up as a bad job but just before i closed the window (i'd had it wide open so i could feel the rain LOL) i noticed something really unusual, i thought it was a flare at first as we aren't that far from the sea, it was a bright orange ball and came up from behind the houses over the field from us, began to realise it wasn't a flare when it didn't fade but lit up the clouds around it and travelled in an arc towards the west, have been looking things up online and i think it might have been ball lightning, it certainly wasnt a plane or helicopter as you could see around it and it didn't fade like a flare or a firework and there was no mechanical noise, so i either had a close encounter or it was ball lightning :)

Monday, 19 July 2010

i do love a rain storm

the rain that has been threatening all weekend finally arrived this afternoon, just a little bit at first but by teatime it had started to get heavier, the kiddies at work were watching it so i opened the doors and said they could go and have a run around in it, of course i couldn't resist joining them and of course the second we went out it became like a monsoon, so it was time for the socks and shoes to come off LOL we were absolutley soaked and everyone (including me LOL) was having a great time splashing around and jumping in the puddles, it then got even heavier and as the gutters couldn't cope with it the rain started coming over the edge of the roof like a waterfall, so we all played in that for a while LOL eventually we had to go in and i had five littleis running around in various stages of undress LOL but managed to get them all into dry clothes, trouble was i didn't have any spare clothes so i just had to stay wet LOL but a good time was had by all and i've promised them if it rains like that again tomorrow we will do it all again LOL

Friday, 16 July 2010

big idea festival

just signed up for some free online classes at a sight called big picture scrapbooking, they are running a big idea festival in the middle of august and there are 39 different projects to make, and very happily the kit they are selling is already in my stash pile so i don't need to spend any money, there are some more free classes on there too so i'll be having a nose at them before this class starts, i do like free things and if i don't like them i can always de register from the site

have a good weekend everyone, planning on a scrappy one LOL

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

how did it get to be wednesday already????

where on earth did the first half of the week go LOL been scrapping a bit today, decided to do this weeks challenge as it was set by one of my ribbons house mates, jo. suppose some would say i cheated a bit as i did it digitally but i like the darkside LOL also did the pass it on cj in digi too so thought i'd put them on here to brighten the place up a bit, treasure island is this weeks challenge, i drew a treasure map for the summer fair at work and the kids loved it so much and played for ages with it that i made them another one, they spend ages with it and the play figures making up stories about where the treasure is LOL and the other one is my pass it on cj lo, using some of the photos of the lovely flowers we saw in montrose

Sunday, 11 July 2010

a lovely weekend

first of all i really enjoyed my crop on saturday and managed five lo's although i'm not sure about one of them and it might need a bit of work before it get's a public airing, spent saturday night enjoying a glass or two of the autumn oak leaf winr i brought back from scotland from the cairn o'mohr winery while surfing and reading and playing on facebook, beginning to fall in love with facebook, all of a sudden i am catching up with people i haven't seen for years,

today i had a lovely long lie in, just what i needed to recharge the batteries then have spent a very lazy afternoon which was made very happy when my best friend from college got in touch through facebook, we gradually lost touch when she moved away to nanny and i stayed up here so it was such a great surprise to hear from her, now all i need to do is find something to keep me occupied while the stupid world cup is on tonight LOL

Thursday, 8 July 2010

nowt much going on around here

at the mo, work, home, sleep, work, home, etc etc etc LOL never mind it's nearly the weekend and i'm going to the holystone crop, no idea what i'm doing, i'll just try to get my entire stash in a few bacgs on saturday morning and see what happens LOL one exciting thing did happen, have gone back onto facebook after not being on for years, and tonight there was a message from one of the girls i used to work with ages ago but lost touch with, and she was asking if we fancied getting together, it will be great to see her again, so thankyou facebook LOL

had some hotel chocolate chocolates arrive today, trying very hard not to eat them in 1 sitting LOL if i have any will power they might last until the weekend LOL

Monday, 5 July 2010

let's try again

hopefully blogger will be playing more happily tonight so i can add a few more photos :) the flowers we saw were really stunning so most of my album will be them with the odd photo of dad and me and strawberry tarts thrown in for good measure, in fact that sums up the holiday pretty well LOL

Sunday, 4 July 2010

holiday photos !!!!

just a few from the 200 + i took, will wittle them down to about fifty to print out for my album and the rest will go on a disc to be kept, don't ya just love digital cameras LOL (was going to add more but blogger isn't co-operating so i'll have to make do with the three for now )
first things first, the first (but not last) strawberry tart and raspberry smoothy at charleton farm, strawberry tarts just won't be the same after these ones LOL
unusual flower in the gardens at the house of dun in montrose, lovely gardens but we never got to see round the house as we were always to early to go in and i wasn't waiting around for an hour, too much to do LOL
enjoying an abroath smokie by the harbour and gaining a friend who was very polite and just stood there until we threw him the skin which he enjoyed!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

such a fantastic time

and we only got rained on for about 10 minutes LOL in fact i am sunburned especially on my right arm as i've had the window down while i've been driving, the caravan was spotless and the site was lovely, we found a great pub for evening meals and a fab fruit farm for afternoon teas, strawberry tarts from anywhere but there will never be the same, saw some lovely places, took loads of photo's and came back home with a wad of money which needs to be spent as it's against the law to put holiday money back in the bank LOL roll on september the 18th for the next one LOL