Thursday, 27 August 2009

they forced me LOL

been out for tea tonight with v and b, two of my dearest friends, think it ws to cheer me up after the fiasco recently and it certainly did the job, it is impossible to be sad when i am with those two as they would just take the piss if i was LOL we went along to the shiremoor house farm, there have a huge menu and there was so many things i like the look of, i finally decided on indian spiced chicken kebabs, when they came they were attached to two metal rods that were hanging over the plate, the pieces of chicken were huge and you got salad, fries and rice as well as dips, i had also ordered some garlic bread and there was four slices of that when it arrived, needless to say i didn't manage it all but v and b wanted a pudding so they forced me to have one too LOL i had strawberry and vanilla marscapone fool with white chocolate curls YUM,they were huge when they came too so will definitley be going back there again LOL

the postman had been with a parcel today but dad was in and he says the postman didn't knock which means he was probably hammering on the door for hours LOL we are going to pick it up on saturday on our way to nairn so at least i'll have a parcel to open LOL

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