Friday, 27 February 2009

i've got a guinea pig

don't you just love the world of blogging, i was blog hopping and i came across one where i could adopt a pet, ten seconds later i have a guinea pig and his name is gusifer (or gusgus) for short, and i can feed him and brush him, he likes broccolli and fruit and he is very cute LOL i know i'm a sad old bugger LOL

had my meeting with c and s from hr to discuss my stress risk assessment, it was a very positive meeting and i came away feeling quite happy with it.

came straight hom as the queue to get off the a19 onto the asda sliproad was ridiculous so i'll just put petrol in as we leave tomorrow, dad's suitcase is packed and my clothes are all sorted, feel like i have forgotten something though, never mind, if i haven't got it i will have to do without,

see you in a week *big grin*

Thursday, 26 February 2009

ooh what to call this post LOL

i've been a bad blogger i know, but i don't seem to have had five minutes to myself this week, although i've been on earlys i think today was the first day i managed to get straight home without having some message or other to do, never mind, only have petrol to put in on the way home tomorrow and then it'll be holiday time, mind i have nothing done for my hollies, actually that'sa bit of a lie as i went upstairs early last night and sorted out my tops and dad needs to iron my trousers then i'll be fine, mind you have nothing sorted for dad, maybe i should tell him to pack his own suitcase this time LOL

he surprised me greatly last night when he let slip he hadn't had a cigarrette in 5 weeks, he eventually decided to give up after he couldn't breathe when he was bent down to tie his shoes, i have to say i hadn't noticed in the slightest *tut tut me* not being defeates but lets see how long it lasts this time

Sunday, 22 February 2009

the sky man cometh

the sky engineer has been and gone, i was expecting him to do nothing but he changed the leads in the back of the box, then he changed something on the dish outside and then after a few more tests he decided to give us a new box, sadly it means i've lost a couple of films i like but never mind

after he left i went up to the craft room to get the cj done as it's posting day on friday, but for the life of me i couldn't find the photo's i had printed off of the house and garden in the snow, so i ended up using some photo's and some postcards and did scotland, yes i know i have never lived there so it can't officially be called home but it feels like home in my heart and that's what counts

blinged blog

i've been playing around with my blog today, discovered how to customize it when i found the cutest blog on the block website and it gave step by step instructions on how to get lovely backgrounds, there was loads i liked and what i like about them the most is the fact that they look a bit like scrapbook pages *big smile* also managed to add a cute welcome blinkie too,

after the poorly-ness that was yesterday dad is completely fine, no idea if it was a bug or whether it was something he ate but he seems to have got rid of it and is cooking roast pork for lunch which smells delicous, i'm watching create and craft, not that i'll buy anything like although i do like those tape pens i get from the demo at the royal quays a couple of weeks ago and i know c&c sell them, also waiting for the sky engineer to come, he rang last night to day he'll be here between 1:30 and 3:30, aftet he has been i must get chell's cj ready to post on friday and i need to post my just the edges off to karen this week too

Saturday, 21 February 2009

happy birthday dad

dad is 76 today, got up about half 10 and gave him his cards and spendies, he got cards off gemma, anne and jim, theresa and peter, and heather as well as two bought and one handmade off me, he seemed happy enough with his spendies and book so that's okay.

we went over to wallsend and got my holiday spendies out for next week, then did a bit of shopping for the holidays and then went and got dad some helium balloons and a flashing birthday boy badge, we then went up to arty and crafty cos kaylee has comissioned me to do her a mothers day card, also got another big card kit for dad.

after that we headed up to the stonebrook, got sat right next to the fire and placed our order, dad had soup, lamb shank amd bread and butter pudding, i had duck parcels, duck leg in cider sauce and duck ice cream..........................LOL i mean caramel apple crumble YUMYUM, we were only back home about 10 minutes though when dad started with the runs, he was as white as a sheet and had such a pain in his tummy and he must have spent at least 20 minutes on the loo, he says he's fine now and has had something to eat and he's still going out to the club so he must be feeling better.

did a bit of scrapping this afternoon, i am almost finished the kaiser craft 40 book i bought, just have another 3 dlo's to do in that then it's all done, i've done loads of journalling in this one which is highly unusal for me, it's usually who, where, when, for my journalling LOL

Friday, 20 February 2009

a nice week

had a really lovely week at work, it's been half term and we were expecting ofsted so i should have been stressed but i refuse to get stressed, instead we have had a real good laugh, had some really lovely quality time with the kids as we were quiet and even though there was only 4 of us between foxes and squirrels today we just got on with it and had a laugh.

it's dad's 76th birthday tomorrow, he wanted spendies for his holidays so i got a hundred quid out of the bank and wrapped it up in some nice paper, also got him another book, thought we might go out for lunch as i have booked a meal at the witcherie for us when we go back up to edinburgh so this will just be a cheapy at the stonebrook, i also feel a large birthday balloon coming on LOL

having trouble with the sky box at the mo, a couple of days ago the sky news channel disapppeared and then last night the whole lot went off, got through to sky and they sorted it out but after a couple of hours it went off again, tried again to get through but they cut me off after 15 minutes, so i rang them as soon as i came in this afternoon, and have an engineer coming out on sunday, of course it has been absolutely fine since then but something is obviously wrong with the box.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

lovely and quiet

we have had two very quiet days at work so far this week, it's meant we've been able to get some jobs done and my files are up to date for when ofsted walk through the door which is probably anytime now LOL i't also been good for the fact that i've probably spoken to c twice in those two days, am doing earlies on thursday and friday which is nice so i can get early finishes though i really don't like the early start LOL

been watching tim holtz on qvc that i taped when it was on this afternoon, feel the need for a melt pot though i'm sure i could borrow someone else's LOL so think i might treat myself to some of sir tim's lovely stamps so i can do the collagey things on tags i've seen done on various crafty blogs

Sunday, 15 February 2009

roll on the holidays LOL

back to work tomorrow and i am soooooooooooooooo not looking forward to it, i am trying so hard to remain in my balanced thinking mode but i know i probably won't sleep very well tonight, just hope i can keep out of her way for the next couple of weeks then at least i've got my edinburgh trip to look forward to.

watching dancing on ice tonight and ray got 6's across the board, he is really shaping up to be very good

Saturday, 14 February 2009

how much ????????

went along to the morpeth crop this afternoon, i was really looking forward to it as it's the first one i've been to this year, well it was a bit of a disaster as there was only 6 of us there two of them being the ladies who moan all the time, we ended up having to pay £9.33 for the crop and if you figure in petrol and the 2 quid i paid to park it just wasn't worth it.

when i got back i went straight onto the morpeth thread and made a comment about where everyone was, hazel did the same thing and so far theresa is the only one who has said anything even though everyone has looked and most of them were on uks while we were supposed to be at the crop, have to say there is no way i can afford to go to the thing if it's going to cost me £15 every time.

got dad's book at borders on the way home then came and had a wee shop at a site called the fruit pixie which is so full of vintagey, collagey stuff so i bought a few bits and bobs for my artwork LOL

Thursday, 12 February 2009

oh no we have snow and lots of it too LOL

being arty

this is what i was up too all day yesterday and i really enjoyed it, i think they have turned out lovely and if i was ever to meet my old art teacher i could stick my two fingers up at her and show her that i can be arty so there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have another one to finish, another little one , and they are going to hang in my craft room

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

owls owls and more owls

had a nice day today, went over to wallsend after a bit of a long lie in and got some money out of the bank, then went and put petrol in the car before heading to borders, i haven't been in for ages and it's all changed, where the travel books used to be is now game and there is hardly anywhere to sit and look at the books now, hit paperchase first and oh my god they have some lush stuff in at the mionute, i just adore their owls range, treat myself to a new owl handbag, a journal, some sticky notes, some badges, a keyring and a pack of cards for embellies on scrapbook pages,

went upstairs to the travel section and picked up some scotland guide books but had to take them into starbucks to actually sit down and look at them, ordered myself a caramel hot chocolate, a falafel flatbread and a nutty muffin :) sat for about an hour looking through the books, more or less eliminated most of them straight away and had a good look at the updated lonley planet book, i love the one i have but decided against getting the updated version cos tbh it wasn't that much different from the one i've got, did treat myself to a new jodi piccoult though :)

was hoping dad wouldn't notice the new hand bag but of course it was the first thing he said "that's not the bag you went out with" DAMN LOL

Monday, 9 February 2009

early spring clean

well the craft room was a tip from the cyber crop so i decided to give it a good tidy up, then cos i was in the mood i decided on a paper spring clean, i have been so ruthless, all pieces of paper went in the bin and i've only kept whole sheets, then i threw out all the hideous disgusting and "bargain" paper i have bought over the years, mainly from qvc i must say, was going to ask beatrice if she wanted them all for mia but by the time i had it all sorted there was a curver box full so i gave kerry a ring and offered it for brownies, she said yes so i took it all up this afternoon for her to take to brownies tonight,

so now i have less then half the papers i had but at least i like all the papers i now have LOL anyway i had to make way for all the new stuff i'll be buying that i liked from the new collections at cha LOL

no more buying crap from qvc LOL

Sunday, 8 February 2009

more pretty pictures

here's another lo i have done for the cyber crop, i have managed a grand total of 645 points and have really enjoyed myself, although the craft room looks like a bomb has dropped, so that's a job for tomorrow LOL mind you i have learned not to go raring into it at full tilt and to pace myself as i have done nothing today as i am pooped LOL

well i've not done nothing today just no scrapping, met up with heather and shirley for a coffee at the royal quays then we went to a demo at the paper mill store, shirley's friend came too and between the four of us i think we managed to buy up the entire range khelda was demonstrating LOL. khelda was really nice, full of chat and some lovely cards were made, heather is going to email her and get details of when she is demoing for amethyst crafts over in blaydon then we can go over there, we then went for a sandwich and a bit more chat before going our serperate ways, i was going to treat myself to some thorntons chocolate but the box i wanted was 17 quid *shock*, went along to the book shop and gor a book about angels that has illustrations in that i can rip out to do my shrine and my canvas with,

might need a bit of roast pork for my tea now as feeling a bit peckish and the pork looks nice LOL

Saturday, 7 February 2009

busy bee me

just a few of the lo's and projects i have done so far for the whodunnit cyber crop over on uks scrappers, this one was the class maria from the morpeth crop taught

this one was black and blue and the lady who gave the class had used photo's of edinburgh so i thought i'd use a few of the postcards i brought back with me, i really like this one as i got to use up a weeny bit of my scrap mountain LOL

this was the first class and i had bought the kit, i was a bit uninspired by the kit when it arrived but i really like the finished lo, think the best bit is the swirls i stamped on the frame to break the colour up a bit

it's mainly been mini books this morning which i have managed to do using the kits i had bought from the shops doing the classes, and then i neede a bit of a break for lunch so going back to it now to see what the 1pm challenge is LOL

Thursday, 5 February 2009

why do things never change

why do things never change, or maybe why does that woman never change, i try to give her the benefit of the doubt but she proves me wrong everytime, should probably tell you the story, as i was walking down the corridor for my break this morning C tells me she is going to do a consultation to see how i am doing back at work, now normally i would be in a tizz and really worrying about it but thinking well i've only been back at work a couple of weeks i can't be getting wrong surely (as consultations have only ever been used as a tool to tell me how crap i am in my entire working career) but thinks back to cbt and tries to look at it in a balanced way, well things don't change, there was no need to see how i am doing back at work, as usual she had her own agenda, it was all about the al/sick leave policy and how they are going to honour my holidays but some people haven't had their holidays so can i be a bit more sensitive about it, i'm sorry like, it isn't my fault that others haven't had their holidays, i still had 9 days hols left to take anyway so i'm only having 3 days more than what i am entitled to, she then tries the guilt trip to see if i would cancel any of my holidays but there is no way i am,

but the most annoying thing is how she constantly brings up the past, i am trying to get on with my life and look forward to the future but she is constantly commenting on my long sickness abscence, i am starting to write things down so the next consultation i have which no doubt will be to tell me off again (some things never change) i can remember some things i want to bring up instead of going blank

ok rant over LOL its the cybercrop on uks tomorrow and i have nothing prepared LOL

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

quelle surprise !!!!!!!!!!

i've been back to work just over a week and i've got the annual chest infection!!! i'm not the slightest bit surprsed the amount of times i was coughed or sneezed on last week, had no voice over the weekend which dad thought was fab as he got a bit of peace and quiet LOL. anyway i was in bed for 7:22pm last night as i was feeling so poorly so when i woke up this morning with pains in my chest when i breathed in i decided it was time for a docs appointment, got one for after work and i got a shedload of erythromicin to take, 2 tablets 4 times a day :O seems a lot to me but what do i know, i only had to remind the doctor for the 27thousandth time that i am allergic to penicillin but also had to remember the name of the drug i take instead :O

after the dreadful snow yesterday (which i should have taken a photo for the 12months 12 projects album, but forgot to) when i woke up this morning it had obviously been raining all night and the only scrap left was a rather wilted snowman the pre-schoolers made yesterday and even that didn't last long after we had been out to play and kicked it to bits LOL