Sunday, 23 August 2009


after chatting to a couple of the ladies on uks i decided to report last nights incident to the police, i did it online via their minor incident report form and thought that would be it, erm no! they rang me at 12:50ish and asked if i had seen him today which i had through the window, which resulted in much shaking and my heart racing, and i told the officer i was too frightened to go out tbh, so she arranged for a visit this afternoon.

the officer has just been and after speaking to me, went next door and spoke to "him", he apologised to the officer and said he hadn't meant to frighten or intimidate me, he was just full of hell over the parking situation, so that's it, in the meantime i await my apology with baited breath!

off to cut and dye my hair now in ready for the holidays and boy they cannot come soon enough LOL

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