Tuesday, 14 December 2010

oh yes it is oh no it isn't LOL

went to a panto with the kids from work today, we decided that because the paths were still so icy we would get the bus, which of course the kids love :) we got right to the front of the audience and because there were mats on the floor we sat on those with the kids sat around us, it was lovely cos we were right on hand for reassurance and cuddles if needed but we also got to see the kiddies faces as they became totally engrossed in the panto, they were so well behaved and only once did anyone want to got to the toilet, something that is totally unheard of on our trips, we usually have to visit the toilets everywhere we go LOL, two hours flew by and apart from one who didn't like it and needed lots of cuddles the rest completely enjoyed it and have talked about nothing else but the panto all day :)

don't say this very often, but today was a lovely day at work and is the reason why i do the job i do, seeing little ones have a lovely time :)

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