Wednesday, 14 July 2010

how did it get to be wednesday already????

where on earth did the first half of the week go LOL been scrapping a bit today, decided to do this weeks challenge as it was set by one of my ribbons house mates, jo. suppose some would say i cheated a bit as i did it digitally but i like the darkside LOL also did the pass it on cj in digi too so thought i'd put them on here to brighten the place up a bit, treasure island is this weeks challenge, i drew a treasure map for the summer fair at work and the kids loved it so much and played for ages with it that i made them another one, they spend ages with it and the play figures making up stories about where the treasure is LOL and the other one is my pass it on cj lo, using some of the photos of the lovely flowers we saw in montrose

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Suzy said...

Love that holiday flowers layout - how bright and summery is it

I am holed up in my parents caravan at Beadnell at the moment with my 16 year old daughter and her friend - what joy

Yesterday was sunny and hot beyond belief and today was a bit dull but we missed the rain until now.

I have been catching up on CJs but sadly the weather has not been good enough for much photography

Oh well there's always the next time

Looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous holiday photos

Suzy x