Monday, 19 July 2010

i do love a rain storm

the rain that has been threatening all weekend finally arrived this afternoon, just a little bit at first but by teatime it had started to get heavier, the kiddies at work were watching it so i opened the doors and said they could go and have a run around in it, of course i couldn't resist joining them and of course the second we went out it became like a monsoon, so it was time for the socks and shoes to come off LOL we were absolutley soaked and everyone (including me LOL) was having a great time splashing around and jumping in the puddles, it then got even heavier and as the gutters couldn't cope with it the rain started coming over the edge of the roof like a waterfall, so we all played in that for a while LOL eventually we had to go in and i had five littleis running around in various stages of undress LOL but managed to get them all into dry clothes, trouble was i didn't have any spare clothes so i just had to stay wet LOL but a good time was had by all and i've promised them if it rains like that again tomorrow we will do it all again LOL

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