Saturday, 28 August 2010

and happily today

it's been gorgeous 12x12, pretty flowers, beads, ribbons and stickers :) had a lovely time at the crop today, i managed 6 lo's, 2 pieces of the most delicous chocolate fudge cake i have ever had (thankyou H) and met the lovely S who i know through her reading my blog and chatting on uks, it was lovely to meet you and i hope you had a lovely time at the crop, and please come again the next time you're hear :) i was really good and used some of my lovely sarah's cards kits and the lo's i did turned out pretty nice even if i say so myself LOL, i'll take some photos tomorrow and stick them up here later on in the afternoon :)

now i'm off to watch the deep and indulge in some chocolate and wine therapy with maybe a bit of retail therapy later on LOL

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Suzy said...

It was lovely to meet you too today Debbie, I will definately be back if you will all have me

I loved your layouts - you must be a good infuluence on me as I managed to do 5

I have a bit of wine therapy tonight too and happily the mobile broadband has worked for a bit

Off for an early night - apparently we might be going to some scarecrow thing at Rennington tomorrow which sounds like a good excuse to get the camera out

Suzy xx