Sunday, 21 November 2010

lazy sunday afternoon

well i never did get any scrapping done, i have a pile of new computer games to play with and a pile of books to read so i cocooned myself on the sofa and veg'd out all afternoon, eating haribo and drinking hot chocolate LOL while hopping around uk scrappers i came across a new circle journal starting in the new year with the theme of "music to scrap to" you do a cd with 10 tracks on it then send that with your cj on to your partner who scraps one of the tracks :) sounds unusual and i've done nothing like that before so i'm going to give it a go.

finally got round to watching the last two episodes of downton abbey last night, they had been sky+ for ages and just didn't seem to get time to watch them and luckily nobody told me what had happened, i absolutely love that series and maggie smith was fabulous in it, so glad they are making a new series :)

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