Friday, 20 August 2010

everybody's working for the weekend!!!!

and at last it's here LOL been busy doing lots of little jobs today that we never seem to get time to do, so i got all the children's photos taken for there registration cards, my colleagues were laughing as i made a little card rectangle so i could make sure all the photos were exactly the same size and were placed centrally on the card with the child's name centrally underneath LOL it would have driven me mad if they hadn't been straight and the same size LOL also made new versions of our tracker sheets and key worker sheets as well as new ticky lists for various things, just need to get some laminating pouches now and i can get them all finished next week and we are ready for the start of term.

going cropping tomorrow, so need to pack my bag, plan on scrapping this time and going to try and break my record of 6 lo's at a crop LOL

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