Saturday, 2 October 2010


decided this afternoon would be dedicated to giving the craft room a bit of a tidy up, well it sorted morphed into a mammoth throw out and i am so glad i did it, ok i might have decided 2/3rds of my papers needed to be thrown away (well not actually thrown away, i'm going to take them in for the kids to demolish at work next week LOL, they might last a week or two LOL) but since they have gone i am feeling so much happier about my stash, i feel like i'm just having a wee paddle in the stash lake instead of completely drowning in it and i discovered some beautiful stash i had forgotten i had :) so i then made some pretty things with the sea glass i found on the beach at largs, even though dad had pronounced it as trash when i was picking it up he had to admit the things i have made are lovely, can't really tell you what they are, as i've made them as presents but i will take photos and when they have gone out i will have a show and tell :)

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Suzy said...

Debbie when are you free to come and tidy my craft room!!

I love picking up stuff on the beach especially sea glass - hence the name of my blog - which I might try to update this wqeekend.

Im sure the reason I'm not scrapping at home at the moment is the complete guddle my craft room is in