Friday, 27 August 2010

and today it's been fabric LOL

we got some new "oilcloth" table clothes for the dining room at work a few weeks ago, they are great and so easy to wipe down but were far too wide for the tables, hanging down so much the kids couldn't get their legs under the tables properly, so on wednesday i took my dressmaking scissors to them and cut a length off the width of two of the clothes and also a bit off the end of one of them as it was a bit long, so i had 3 lengths of lovely pale blue and white gingham checked oilcloth in my grubby mitts LOL didn't know what to do with it but then thought were they wide enough to make new painting aprons out of ???? after a quick check i traced the shape of the old aprons onto the back of the cloth and within 3 hours i had 5 new over the head tabard type aprons with velcro fastenings at the sides LOL i'm dead chuffed with them and it means we can throw the old tatty ones away!!! turning into a bit of a jack of all trades me thinks LOL

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