Sunday, 5 December 2010

been having another wee spend LOL

i totally love this photo i took of dad and i at the viewpoint at the glencoe visitors centre when we were away in november, we had such a laugh trying to get a decent shot of us both and i love the way it turned out, so i decided as a treat to myself i would like it blown up and printed on to canvas, so i had a nose at a few sites online, not realising how much it would actually cost LOL i came across a site that had a special offer on so i'm getting it printed 23.5 inches by 16.5 inches for £35 including delivery which i thought was pretty good as most of the other sites were that price for a 16" by 12", thought it might look nice above the fireplace in the living room :D


Sandra said...

Best money spent Debbie ... its a fabulous photo of you both. The love really does show.

Suzy said...

Its a great pic Debbie and will look fab on a canvas I am sure and that seems like a really good price xx