Saturday, 11 September 2010

a- cropping we will go!

frozen north crop today and it was a fun one, lots and lots of gossiping, giggling, taking the piss, laughing and eating extremely good chocolate cake LOL a bit of scrapping was done too so a very good day was had by all, plus i came home armed with some new stamps and punches :D the award for most dedicated frozen north cropper definitely goes to S who travelled down from near glasgow to crop with us before heading off on holiday for a few days and we also had a visitor from belfast who was staying with H, it was lovely to see S and J and everybody and the day we had was just what the doctor ordered LOL now i need to cram everything i had planned to do this and last weekend into tomorrow, first port of call is a haircut and hairdye so i'm ready for next saturday :)

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