Friday, 31 December 2010

challenge 2011

well two challenges actually LOL i've signed up to do a mini book a month and to do an alphabetical photography challenge :D the mini book a month thing is simply that, i will learn how to make 12 different mini books over the next 12 months, chatting about them and showing off our finished mini books on uks and on this blog, the photography challenge is to go out and about and take photos of things starting with letters of the alphabet, so the first two weeks will be a, the next two weeks b etc etc, already have a and b planned it should get interesting when it gets to q and x though LOL actually thought i could take tanner the monkey along with me so he can get into a few of the photos LOL

bandaged up on the ankle again after twisting it really badly when i took dad over to wallsend yesterday :( it's very sore and i have no idea how i managed to get us home apart from gritting my teeth and trying to block out the pain :(

on a happier note i have booked us into glenacre up near jedburgh again for a nice long weekend, the one of the royal wedding LOL plan is to watch the wedding then head up there for the weekend, another holiday to look forward to LOL

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