Sunday, 11 July 2010

a lovely weekend

first of all i really enjoyed my crop on saturday and managed five lo's although i'm not sure about one of them and it might need a bit of work before it get's a public airing, spent saturday night enjoying a glass or two of the autumn oak leaf winr i brought back from scotland from the cairn o'mohr winery while surfing and reading and playing on facebook, beginning to fall in love with facebook, all of a sudden i am catching up with people i haven't seen for years,

today i had a lovely long lie in, just what i needed to recharge the batteries then have spent a very lazy afternoon which was made very happy when my best friend from college got in touch through facebook, we gradually lost touch when she moved away to nanny and i stayed up here so it was such a great surprise to hear from her, now all i need to do is find something to keep me occupied while the stupid world cup is on tonight LOL

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