Saturday, 11 December 2010

a busy weekend

but a really nice one,

dad has been behaving himself and is even going to go out for a drink tomorrow night so he must be feeling better, i think the fact that the snow has all gone in the street has helped him relax as he is no longer worried about falling over and is no longer worried about me driving in it :) very early this morning the post man delivered my super duper waterproof muck boots, of course they came today, i don't need them LOL they are fabulous, very chunky, with great grips and really warm and comfortable, only trouble i forsee is not being able to drive in them but they'll be fab for being in the yard at work, then we had a couple of xmas cards, one from tom and sarah at glenacre and the other from joyce and barrie, a couple we met on holiday years ago in cyprus, they were a lovely couple and were very kind to dad and we have stayed in touch ever since, it was so lovely to hear from them and to hear they have fulfilled their dream of emigrating to cyprus :)

made a few xmas cards and got them wrote out, will have to make a few more or maybe i'll just order a few from asda LOL the plan for tomorrow is to get some scrapping done, i like the look of the challenge over on uks and the sketch challenge over on sarahs cards and i really need to get some points on the boards to help the team this month :)

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