Saturday, 21 August 2010

a very productive day

had a great time at the holystone crop today even though the day didn't start off very well, for once i had had a great nights sleep, i wakes up and looks at the clock, 7:10 am, AARRGGHH!!!! i've slept in i thinks, i leaps out of bed, opens the curtains , hoys some clothes on and it was only as i tripped over my crop bags on the way down the stairs that i realised it was a saturday LOL mind you being able to go back to bed for an hour and a half was lovely :)

there was only me and h at the crop today as everyone else was away, we had such a lovely time, chatting, listening to 70's music and singing along to the ones we knew and scrapping, oh there was a break for the regulation eating of cake of course LOL i managed 7 lo's so i was over the moon, hope i can manage that many again next week, anyhow here are 3 of them for now :)

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