Wednesday, 25 August 2010

today i have mostly

been playing with paper, unfortunately not the pretty, expensive 12x12 kind but good old cheap sugar paper and by playing with i mean putting it up on the walls at work, our display boards were looking rather tatty and we have no display paper or borders so i decided to drag all the old ones bar 1 down and replace them with sugar paper, they aren't as big as normal but i could only put them as high as i can reach cos you ain't getting me on a ladder for love nor money LOL also decided to make my borders out of different coloured sugar paper and got them put up as well, so the room looks lovely and clean and fresh again, just need to get some of the childrens work up now and it'll be back to normal.

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Suzy said...

Right then I am all set for the weekend. Got car throught MOT today so heading for Beadnell tomorrow

Was chatting to Heather on MSN last night and am so looking forward to meeting you both on Saturday at the crop

Suzy x