Saturday, 25 September 2010

home again

and at last we are warm LOL we have had a lovely holiday despite the weather which was either freezing cold but blue skies or warm and torrential rain, and i mean torrential, on weds afternoon it rained so badly that the village was cut off by flash floods at either end so we couldn't get out to go for our meal and had to stay on the park, the rain was running down the hills and under our caravan washing the gravel drive away and depositing it up against the front wheels of my car LOL

the area was lovely, i really liked bute and mount stuart house and loch eck was beautiful ans so peaceful, largs was the favourite though as we discovered nardini's ice cream WOW we went every day and tried something different from their ice cream sundae menu, my favourite was crunchy lemon pavlova MMMMM i also liked largs because the beach was great for picking up pretty pebbles, sea glass and sea pottery, i came home with pockets full of pretty things i intend to make into jewellery LOL

unfortunately the park and the caravan were not to our taste or standards and i will not be going back to stay with them, the van was very grubby and very old fashioned and most importantly freezing cold and damp, it's a good job we only use the place to sleep in but i was so glad i had taken my own bedding :(

off to put all the new purchases away and see what i can cobble together for tea, it won't be rack of lamb like last night, that's for sure LOL

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Leanie said...

I've been waiting to see these - there's more than one LO here :D
L x