Sunday, 12 September 2010

late last night

after a bottle of wine i decided it was probably time for a hair cut LOL so out came the clippers and it all came off :) considering i'd had a bottle of wine i did a rather good job of it and it's back to being the nice and short, spiky, off my ears style i like :) so today it was time to put the hair colour on, i had bought a new hair dye ages ago in dark bordeaux but had not got round to putting it on so this afternoon i thought i'd give it a go, now seeing as it was called dark bordeaux and by looking at the picture on the box i was sort of expecting a red wine/purpley sort of colour....................................erm well maybe i was expecting too much of a £2.49 hairdye (it is a schwartzkopff one though) LOL so it hasn't really gone red wine/purpley more of an dark orange/ginger nut effect LOL LOL LOL at least the greys have gone though LOL to be replaced by fluroscent orange LOL hopefully it will calm down after a wash or 7 LOL

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