Monday, 27 December 2010

he came, we got presents, we ate............................

................that more or less sums up the xmas in our household LOL we had a lovely day, lunch was delicous, the alcohol was good and the chocolates.............well there just doesn't seem to be any dent being made in the chocolates LOL why on earth we bought so much i do not know LOL

well onwards towards the new year and my birthday, no scrapping has been done as i'm spending the daylight hours reading and the dark hours playing some of the games i got for my computer :D one thing i have managed to do is to finish my patchwork quilt :D got the binding on today and all sewn up so it's all done, if the weather is okay tomorrow i'm going to hang it on the line to get a nice photo of it to show everyone then i might just have to launch into one for dad's bedroom :)

booked the black door for my birthday meal out, have a animal from the muppets birthday cake ordered from asda then on the friday i might just have to go out and treat myself to a new sofa and chairs!!!!! well we're going to have a looksie in the sales anyway

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