Wednesday, 17 November 2010


a notice went up in the staffroom today about a meeting we all have to attend at the beginning of december, no mention whatsoever about what it's about but most people seem to think it's when we will find out whether or not we will have a job after xmas :( no use worrying about it until the day me thinks so trying not to think about it, anyway i came to the conclusion that really to do everything i want to do i really need to give up work and become a lady of leisure then i can get all the scrapping, cardmaking, knitting, crocheting and quilt making i want to do out of the way LOL got the patchwork wall hanging out again last night having decided i want to make it into a quilt so i got a few bits sewn onto it and now i'm off to search online to see if i can get anymore squares to go onto it :)

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