Friday, 17 December 2010

dancing on ice???

no, slipping and falling on ones arse on ice more like it :( putting the toys out at work this morning i slipped on the iced up soft play surface and went flying, really hurting my knee and ankle, as the morning wore on the ankle got more and more swollen and painful so ended up at the minor injuries clinic this afternoon, had a very good examination and it appears i have a sprained ankle which is now bandaged up, the nurse also said that because of the way i fell i may find my other leg is very sore tomorrow too where i have stretched and torn the muscles :( so that makes me pretty much immobile for the weekend :( the nurse at the clinic was really funny, i told her how i had done it and she laughed saying, "come on you were pissed and dancing and don't remember how you did it " LOL

so i'm being waited on my dad, am in my pj's, have my foot elevated and am bandaged up to my knee LOL

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