Wednesday, 13 October 2010

den building, doom and gloom and a plan comes together

spent the day building a willow den with the kids, our willow tunnels were getting out of hand so i took the loppers to them and cut all the excess off and used that to make a den, the kids held strip all the leaves off and lots of fun was had with willow leaves and bits of wood LOL it's a rather lopsided teepee shaped den and it needs a bit of strengthening but i'm sure the kids will love it once it's finished, thet were all for playing in it when it was 4 sticks and a bit of wool LOL

then the doom and gloom started about us maybe/possibly/might be losing our jobs, get fed up with the doom and gloom to be honest and really wish that wasn't all we get to hear all of the time, it's all speculation anyway until the government announces it's spending review results, so why worry about something that hasn't happened yet.

and i got the phone call i was waiting for last night and my plans for a weekend away at the end of the month are set, we're staying at glenacre again and the plan is to drive up to just passed dalkeith and park in the park and ride and get the bus into edinburgh and go to the xmas market in princes street gardens :D might get a bit of xmas shopping done too, and sunday, well i'll think of something to do on the sunday later LOL

and just wanted to say i am so glad to hear that the chilean miners are finally being rescued, a true miracle after so long underground

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Sandra said...

Good for you Debbie ... ignore the doom & gloom until it comes - for now enjoy planning your get away.