Wednesday, 21 July 2010

ooh err mrs

i've booked a weekend away LOL was just fancying a weekend break even though i've only been back from my holidays for 3 weeks, so whilst perusing t'internet i happened to come across the visit scotland website accomodation page and found some nice places to look at, decided i wanted to stay near jedburgh as i could get up there in an hour and a half after work, so had a look at places near there, couldn't get any lodge or caravan sites as they were all fully booked but discovered a fantastic b&b just off the a68 that has rooms available so i had a closer look then decided sod it and just booked it LOL really looking forward to it :)

forgot to mention we had a little thunderstorm last night so i had to get up to watch it LOL it was a tad disappointing as there was only 2 flashes of lightning and i was about to give it up as a bad job but just before i closed the window (i'd had it wide open so i could feel the rain LOL) i noticed something really unusual, i thought it was a flare at first as we aren't that far from the sea, it was a bright orange ball and came up from behind the houses over the field from us, began to realise it wasn't a flare when it didn't fade but lit up the clouds around it and travelled in an arc towards the west, have been looking things up online and i think it might have been ball lightning, it certainly wasnt a plane or helicopter as you could see around it and it didn't fade like a flare or a firework and there was no mechanical noise, so i either had a close encounter or it was ball lightning :)


Suzy said...

Good for you

Are you going on your own? I have been toying for a while with the idea of going off by myself for a weekend but have not been brave enough yet to try it

Hope you have a good time

Suzy x

Winnie said...

I love on-the-spur-of-the-moment decisions, especially when they involve a holiday!! Hope you have a good break. I prefer to think you had an extraterrestrial encounter! Makes it more interesting. LOL

glamgran said...