Friday, 3 December 2010

thank goodness for the weekend

it's been a hell of a week getting to and from work, i ended up getting a taxi to work yesterday but braved the car again today, getting to work has been the worst cos the roads aren't too bad on the way home, well apart from our street which seems to have become a parking space for idiots, on the way to work this morning some fool was parked right across the entrance to the street and was just sitting there :o stupid arse LOL

any hoo the car is parked up until monday morning, and i refuse to think about it until then, we are going to go to tescos tomorrow to get a few essentials in just in case asda don't deliver again, then i think i'll try and get some of the cyber crop on uks scrappers done and i want to get the rest of the decorations up too, busy weekend planned

well it must be wine o clock so i'm away to open a nice bottle of red :)

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